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wherever one looks, there is the Schumacher-Mania erupted these days. Special exhibitions, special Apps, entire issues are dedicated to the formula 1 Superstar. And if someone with a motor sport-related “Filter Bubble” as I look on Facebook, there is no other topic more. Michael Schumacher, Michael Schumacher, Michael Schumacher everywhere.

The two sides in my opinion.

firstly, it is important to congratulate one of the greatest heroes of the German history of sport in his 50s and to have him as a result of this event, in recognition of his legendary live performance.

Would the 29. December 2013 does not happen, would sit “Schumi” probably once in Markus Lanz, in a special edition just for him alone. So, as Lanz this makes if very special personalities to be appreciated. Probably had dedicated to him, the major Newspapers and magazines of the country a couple of pages. Then it would have been good.

The happening is currently taking place at the end of “Shu-Mania” in the first line Old warmed up and not something New is told, because there is no news on the state of health of the recipient. The bad News about what is really going on, leads to the fact that each snippet is inflated around the medial.

in the end, the reader determines the momentum

That took the day before “Schumis” the birthday of a particularly abstruse trains (and, therefore, we are in the “secondly”), as a Statement of his family, actually, entirely empty of content, made the rounds through all the news agencies and specialized media. Also, in our, admittedly. Because we can’t escape the pressure of our customers, the readers. And the customer is king in this capitalist-driven world.

As the editor-in-chief, I would go to the 50s by Michael Schumacher at the loved one out of the way. When our customers ask, what contributions are planned to mark the occasion, the loved one is Nothing to answer:”!” Because almost every story told these days, somewhere, has already been told once. Or more often than once.

great stories are. Also, we have contributed to it. My Interview with Sabine Kehm from the year 2012, for example, allows for fascinating insights behind the Scenes. Or the rarities from the YouTube archives, we have compiled also the end of his career six years ago for the first time together.

Kehm, I would like to put in a column like this, not to mention, is one of the most admirable characters in this story. Everyone can at least understand to an extent, what it must mean, if the husband or the dad suffers such a fate. But Kehm nobody will think more clearly.

she had to professionally keep the Crazies (of which there were, in addition to the reputable journalists who are decent to deal with the matter, unfortunately, too many) at Bay, the fight in those December and January days in 2013/14 in France, journalists and, in truth, only sought to satisfy the curiosity of your readers. She had to radiate in the complete Chaos of peace, always remain objective and like a Rock in the Surf to do what was in the best interest of the family and is.

What is completely forgotten is: Sabine Kehm is a human being and not a machine. And Michael Schumacher is not only a hero figure, it was sometime on the Internet and on television, but a Confidant, a friend made of flesh and blood.

most in the family have to be

I don’t know how to do it the Schumacher-kids, if you every day you see your father, if you open Facebook or Instagram on the mobile phone. Whether you perceive that, whether you busy, whether you are proud or annoyed or sad. And Corinna, anyway.

the family of Schumacher has a right to be exactly what it is: a family and not a public show.

I have to admit: of Course I would be interested, as it is “Schumi” today. To claim otherwise would be false. His everyday life looks like, whether he takes the people in his environment, as it used to be true, whether or not he can watch a formula 1 race or not. Whether and how he has changed. We all are but somehow curious. This is also completely legitimate.

is Not legitimate, because of this curiosity, our desire for sensation on the personality rights of the family. The Schumacher’s have decided how you are using your Situation want to avoid, and that is to be respected. Point, out, finished. Unbearable this Situation is one way or the other. But not primarily for us, the spectators of this media spectacle; but, above all, for Corinna, Mick and Gina Maria.

The past five years have driven oblique flowers. Everyone knows by now, the story of the priest clad journalists who wanted to sneak into Grenoble on the intensive care unit. It’s ironic that a few weeks ago, of all things, a true priest, the others personal Details from Schumacher’s everyday life.

We have not deliberately chosen to bring this story. Also, and especially we journalists have a responsibility to bear in this peculiar drama, in which many of the ethics is lost. This is a responsibility we want to ask ourselves. And yet the need of our readers to satisfy, so far as we keep this on a moral level is acceptable.

A very, very difficult balancing act, admittedly.

the media have a responsibility to

How crazy is the case, Schumacher has become, I want to tell you a short anecdote. This summer has reported an Mr in me, first, via E-Mail who claimed to have information about Michael Schumacher and readiness signaled to pass this particular media. For Cash, of course.

I rejected this. If the Lord ran off to other media, is beyond my knowledge. He wanted the Medium of his info just like our selling, because he believed that the Boulevard would not deal morally enough. Ironically, only that he has left the right path in obtaining the information itself.

I’m the man, no charge. In the end, he decided – perhaps on my well – intentioned advice-that’s right. To date, I have found the story in any other newspaper and on any website. Good!

I can’t tell you much else about Michael Schumacher. I learned it from him, never get to know; I’m at him a few Times personally met, but never had the opportunity me 1:1 to an Interview or dinner with him. There were others much closer.

Therefore, it is not up to me to draw today is a character image. He is a very special person. Anyone who had to do with him says.

What is me but a concern to have it all, and the better known: to say Thank you – because without Michael Schumacher, the face of Motorsports and formula 1 in Germany would look like today sure different. And to congratulate for your birthday. How to make the stop, if someone is 50.

All the best!


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