During his active formula 1 career of Michael Schumacher did not make only friends. As he celebrated in his first career at Benetton and Ferrari, the greatest successes, polarized the subsequent record-breaking world champion in and outside of the paddock – because of his (to be) self-confident appearance and his Penchant for borderline maneuvers. The team would have looked different, and told his then technical Director Ross Brawn formula 1-Podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’.

Rather hurried Schumacher a reputation of integrity, professional advance. “I could not remember that he had ever complained of outside of the team about something. He was not one of the journalists ran, if it has a little disturbed,” says Brawn. As soon as he arrived at the age of 23 years, to Benetton, Schumacher that he was there with his allies to forfeit.

“people who have worked with him, never talked bad about him,” says Brawn, and thinks about Jock Clear. As a Williams technician, and confidant of Jacques Villeneuve long natural enemy of Schumacher’s, they were forced in 2011 when Mercedes suddenly, to pull together. From “something of a love-hate relationship” had developed into a close friendship, says Brawn.

the reason for the loyalty of the team staff to Schumacher was not only the star riders live seriously for the private of the buffs mechanic, and often after the Welfare of the family asked. He was a workhorse and went ahead in terms of tenacity, morality, and industriousness set a good example. “A lot of other pilots could not make this up,” recalls Brawn.

He thinks of Schumacher’s Benetton team-mate Johnny Herbert, who was looking for low-distance, were to his Job. “He just played with his Nintendo,” said Brawn. “When I saw that, I was shocked. I would have thought he would hold in-depth discussions with the engineers.” As the man and lazy to Live, but absolutely Eddie Irvine realized at Ferrari, why Schumacher was so successful, he would have learned something and become much more professional.

Nevertheless, the world Cup, which would have been recorded titles by the Northern Irishman at the Scuderia “is different,” says Brawn with a view to the season in 1999, when Schumacher broke his accident in Silverstone legs, long had to suspend, and Irvine had a Chance to rebound: “We have taken the title, but Michael was the one who deserved it.”

Particularly clear Schumacher was sheer determination – some may call it dogged determination – during the seasons 2005 and 2006. As Ferrari had fallen back due to rule changes behind Fernando Alonso and Renault, the German locker. On the Monday morning after the race, he was on the phone for hours with Brawn, in order to explore what are the ways out of the Dilemma, there are – sometimes only after a Phase in which he had to cool down first.

“Behind closed doors he could be nasty,” says Ross Brawn, recognizes in the pursuit of perfection, but Schumacher’s great quality and its formula 1 legacy: “Michael has set new Standards. I like to leave my traces, but Michael a bit more.”

This is also true for Fitness: It came before that, Schumacher told his Team in the closing stages of the race over the radio that he had driven the fastest lap. He had seen it in a certain curve on a TV screen – even if he is confused occasionally with brother Ralf. “He’s always had mental capacity in the back of your hand,” said Brawn. “Most of the others had to invest to get your Job done.” He would have seen Schumacher never get tired of.

But there were shadow sides. Brawn says Schumacher’s Ramming against Villeneuve in the season finale in 1997 in Jerez that he would have been an expression of inner tension (and the Frusts, in the case of failure), which would have driven his protégé. “When he came back to the Box, he was convinced that Villeneuve would be the Bad guy. He was yelling that he should be disqualified, because he would be him in danger.” For Brawn, however, an understandable reaction.

“I can’t criticise him for it,” he says, and mentions that Villeneuves team-mate Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Schumacher stopped earlier, tactically and give it a thickness of the tie would have brought. It shines through criticism at himself and Ferrari: “We invented the game.”

Not the only one slant perception and not the only scene, for the Brawn themselves in the duty. Also, the Parking manoeuvre in Monaco Qualifying in 2006, such a Situation is: “I would not have him to make it clear that we needed to have the Pole Position so strongly.”

In the circuits of the formula 1 driver was Schumacher’s ambivalent character is apparently not as big a Problem as it had in the Public the impression – at least for some rivals, such as Mika Häkkinen. “If he had to tell Michael something, he did it in a Four-on-one meeting,” says Brawn. This discretion is appreciated Schumacher on the Finns. Phrases such as “He is a complete idiot, because he has not taken the curve twice properly” be in boxes on the agenda. “The drivers have opinions on top of each other, and opinions, who is good and whom you respect.”

This article was written by Dominik Sharaf

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