she sang in a duet with Helene Fischer and also alone. Her hair was longer than usual, but, above all, many viewers wondered about an unusual face expression of Michelle. That you can something “make”, it has been suggested in the network prompt.

Now, the singer has taken a position, and the rumors are rejected. On Instagram, Michelle wrote: “Would just like to clarify that I have neither lips nor anything else in my face. Unfortunately, it often happens that the light was in a Show… As always!!“

Michelle’s explanation makes Fans unhappy back

However, this Declaration did not wanted to give many Users satisfied. They responded angrily in the opposite. “Just stand by, and please do not for a fool,” wrote one user.

“Think it is a pity, if you can’t stand. You had a beautiful face. Am also a little scared when I saw you in the Show,“ said another.

A User quipped: “Yeah right, that light was to blame. It would have been, you would have looked better.“ ZDF and Michael Zargarinejad singer Michelle in the “Helene Fischer Show”

Michelle was one of a number of artists that were seen in the three-hour “Helene Fischer Show”. Among other things, Fischer had also received Eros Ramazzotti, Kiefer Sutherland, Luis Fonsi and Florian David Fitz. With 5.73 million people you gave the ZDF and the rate of victory on the first day of Christmas.

PCP in January for failing to attend a Helene Fischer is a joint Video with your New maa


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