Taliercio was accompanied by Moreno in his Research, in the United States, brought about by the machinations of Relotius ultimately to the light. First of all, as a freelance Journalist, and later as a staff editor had Relotius faked a number of his close to 60 articles for the “Spiegel” and “Spiegel Online” dialogues, scenes and biographies were invented for the part. Intentionally and with “high criminal energy” was he taken, informed the publisher.

“even Though we had the evidence on Video,”

true, the fraud in the “mirror wanted to have” first of all, but no one – even as it gave the first indications. “They didn’t believe it until the very end,” said the Munich-based photographer Taliercio in the magazine “w&v”. “Even though we had the evidence on Video.”

His colleague, Moreno had written already at the initial skepticism – with Relotius to the report “Jaegers border” vigilantes in the United States on the border with Mexico. When he received Relotius’ part of the text, he was suspicious. He did not believe in many Places, what was said Taliercio. Image: dpa Claas Relotius (R) with Nina Ruge and Hannes Jaenicke “Juan did not want to be associated with such a story. He had simply scared of losing his Job, his existence.“ Therefore, he put questions to the editors. “Therefore, he has to inform tried,” says the photographer.

He supported him. Moreno and Taliercio for research for an article on former Pro boxer Floyd Mayweather in the US. As Moreno noted that he met with his Doubts as to the authenticity of Relotius’ history against the “mirror-quality walls,” as he had called himself in an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, he was on his own and fought back. “I helped him actually,” said Taliercio.

“Have you because there is no Factchecking?”

The two met in Arizona, the protagonists seen on the photos to Relotius‘ part of the report. Taliercio filmed the conversations with them. And it came out that the eponymous Protagonist of “Jaeger” had not even spoken with Relotius, no German Relatives, and also not a drug addict daughter. In fact, he is Maloof, as he finished, according to Taliercio in the Video with ID card.

another Protagonist, Tim Foley also Relotius with a false name introduced – I said to the Reporter, mentioned: “This is the guy that never showed up.” Him and Moreno have provided a Translation of Relotius’ Text, he asked: “And your bosses have bought the crap? (…). You have because there is no Factchecking?“

in fact, the “mirror” has a 70 man strong documentation Department for the quality and fact control, not noticed the fakes.

According to photographer Taliercio Foley said in the Video, in Detail, why the article is completely wrong. dpa The “Spiegel”publishing house buildings in Hamburg

“Mirco, who do not believe us,”

at another Relotius-history of the United States, you exposed the fraud. However, the multi-award-winning Relotius enjoyed such a good reputation that the “mirror” first of all, him and his justifications of Faith has been given and not Moreno. Also, the video would have changed nothing, said Taliercio. “Juan called me after the Meeting and said: ‘Mirco, don’t believe us’. For him it was all a brutally hard time.“

the Hardest part of the story, it was, “to convince the mirror,” said Taliercio in the case of “w&v”. Finally, there were some doubts as to Relotius‘ versions. His Email Account has been verified, such as the “mirror” has it described itself, the fraud came to light and the former the Star Journalist had to admit the forgeries.

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