employees who work in the construction industry, should soon take a closer look at your payroll. From 1. March is a new wage floor.

How much money there is from March?

The trade Union IG Bau agreed with the main Association of the German construction industry and the Central Association of the German construction industry to a higher minimum wage for skilled workers (minimum wage 2) as well as for auxiliary workers (minimum wage 1). From the Change more than benefit five million people . But what does this mean in concrete terms?

In West Germany increases the minimum wage for skilled workers from 14.95 euros to 15,20 Euro . In Berlin, he climbs from 14,80 Euro to 15,05 Euro . In both cases, skilled workers receive on a monthly basis for around 43 Euro. In Eastern Germany, the minimum wage for skilled workers does not apply. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2019 remains So much net them by the gross

Also labourers receive from 1. March, a higher minimum wage – both in the West and in the East. This increases of 11.75 euros to 12,20 Euro . A full time employee of a laborer receives about 78 euros more pay per month.

the new minimum wage Is binding?

The new minimum wage is universally binding and applies to all industrial workers nationwide, and also in companies that are not bound by a collective agreement. The new minimum wage even when the Workers in a different location.

Only exception: The minimum wage at the place of work is higher than the minimum wage, for example, when a in the East, workers will be used in the West. Then the employee would receive for his activity in the West, the minimum wage of 15.20 euros (as skilled workers).

employers threatening fines if they pay the minimum wage. In mid-January, a construction company from the district court of Heilbronn, was sentenced to a fine, after you had denied two employees the minimum wage. Blown the dizziness in the case of a control of the main customs office in Heilbronn.

For whom the scheme does not apply?

No claim to the construction minimum wage, according to the Central Association of the German construction industry, apprentices, trainees and employees and Foremen (head of a construction site or a site section). PDF Everything you need to know about your pension

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