The Kiel public Prosecutor’s office after the autopsy, “with high probability” that the 39-Year-old died from a gunshot wound. On metal suggest splitter in the head of the victim, in which parts of a projectile of unknown caliber to act.

spokesman of the public Prosecutor and the police on request by FOCUS Online that there were no new findings. As before, the crime scene was being investigated, including ballistics experts. However, traces have not found. Thus, the cartridge sleeve is missing. However, as the woman was killed? Has anyone used the Geböller to new year’s eve, a sharp weapon to fire and hit by mistake the 39-Year-old? Shots in the air to special occasions are not uncommon, such as at weddings in the Arab region. But that can be for the people at all dangerous?

expert: shots in the air can be fatal in high demand.

FOCUS Online has in Johann Höcherl, Professor of ballistics, weapons and ammunition, University of the Federal armed forces in Munich. The expert considers it possible that someone shot in the air, and the mother of the falling missile was killed. “If the shot is steep and made up and then, consequently, a steep downward plunges, accelerates the pull of gravity, the projectile is so strong that it can be dangerous,” explains the expert.

especially the slender pointed bullets from long guns would be on their way back to earth very quickly and so fatally, so Höcherl. “It can be 200 meters per second or more, and that is enough to kill a human.” The shot must not have been necessarily fired from a rifle, a pistol would be an option. “The caliber 9mm Parabellum that is used in many weapons, it is theoretically also be fatal,” says the expert.

For fatal skull injury is not a lot of energy is necessary

in This case, excessive energy is not necessary to cause fatal injuries to the head. “A flat bone such as the skull holds less than you might believe. As soon you come in a critical range.“ Even a relatively slow projectile could cause severe or even fatal injuries. Here, the policy-Newsletter

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the woman Should have been really hit by a falling bullet, it would be the on the basis of the wound: This would have to be somewhere at the top of the head. However, since the police have no further information about the case, it is unclear whether the mother-to-be the victim of a bullet was, or whether someone has directly shot at them.

police and prosecutors are currently in all directions. However, the work of the officials is difficult. For example, the crime scene was cleaned after the new year’s eve celebrations, before the police were able to search for tracks.

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