Actually, Ali Junior thought he would be the heir after the death of his father almost 4.5 million Euro. But the reality is different. “I’m trying to make my living,” he says the “Mirror”.

“I’ll do anything – build, concrete breaking, painting, but at the Moment I’m not doing anything. I’m cutting the Grass, pulling of hedges, weeds, clean gutters, the shutters, and clean the roof. My friend let me his truck and his equipment to use. I’m helping him.”

He only gets a bag of money

Lonnie, the widow of the boxer, the Executor has the assets of the deceased. Between you and Ali’s son, it should have voltages given, in the meantime, there should be hardly any contact.

His stepmother had granted to him only a pocket money of 600 euros a month for rent and 260 Euro for life. After the deduction of all invoices should remain, therefore, only 220 Euro.

Since 2016 Ali Junior is fighting for his share from the estate.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, The chronology since the Ski accident in the year 2013 pk


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