The German Vice-champion, losing out to the title holder EHC Red Bull Munich on the Friday before 6142 spectators in the German hockey League (DEL) with 3:4. After the end of regular time and the overtime rink 3:3 (0:1, 2:2, 1:0)it was in the Olympic. The former national team captain Michael Wolf and Trevor Parkes remained in the Shootout nervous. The guests had caught a strong Start and a 2:presented 0 against the Team of her Ex-Trainer Don Jackson. Louis-Marc Aubry scored after 15 minutes, the 1:0 for the well polar bear. In Excess of James Sheppard to put 12 minutes later to 2:0. Andreas Eder succeeded in the second third of the connection (32.), but Jamison MacQueen (36.) was the old distance back. Just before the last page change Justin Shugg scored the second goal for the hosts, upgraded to a great final sprint in the last third.

But first, the Berlin defended with great use of their scarce guide. Three minutes before the end of the Game Trevor Parkes managed the balance, as Sean Backman was sitting on the penalty bench. Afterwards, the guests survived a number game and got to the Overtime. In the penalty triumphed the nerve in the shoot-stronger-DEL-table third.



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