This is the club, according to evaluation of the President by the state office for social Affairs, youth and care, Detlef Placzek, not on the floor of the basic law. According to Placzek, this is the first Time that a nursery in Rheinland-Pfalz is deprived of the operating licence. His authority had to intervene, because the carrier had not been willing, or able, to “create the conditions to ensure the child’s well-being”.

“Association from the beginning was not suitable”

For the Islam expert Susanne Schröter the closure of the daycare is not by chance: “It has long been known that the carrier has invited club Salafis as a preacher. I am glad that it has now come to the closure of the nursery, but it is happening too late. The Arab-Nile-club was not suitable as a carrier for a kindergarten from the beginning,“ said the Professor of the “Frankfurt research center Global Islam” in an interview with FOCUS Online.

at the end of 2008, the kindergarten “Al Only” the operating permit was granted for a group with a maximum of 25 children. According to Placzek there are currently 22 children should be supervised throughout the day. A first indication of a proximity to Salafism have given it already to the turn of the year 2012/2013. The controversial preacher Al Arifi had occurred in the premises of the Association. Other abnormalities had become 2015 and last October, known.

“Irresponsible, that this will be supported by the state”

According to Schröter of the Arab-Nil Association represented Islam “seam at the point of Muslim brotherhood and Salafism is,” says the Islam expert. “The children are not integrated in the society, but grow into a parallel universe. The observance of Islamic norms is more important than a democratic attitude.”

Islamist ideology includes the idea of gender separation. Girls would be reluctant to play with the boys, or to make Sport. This also includes the rejection of biological learning content, the theory of evolution and of sex education. This lead to the bullying of girls who wear a headscarf, as well as vaccinations, anti-Semitic. “It is completely irresponsible that this is encouraged by the state“, says Schröter.

“Political Islam is nothing more than right-wing extremism”

This irresponsible Act showing the lack of awareness of the German politicians in terms of political Islam, says Schröter. “Political Islam is in political categories, translated to nothing more than right-wing extremism, which is observed in Germany very carefully. In a multi-cultural society, we need to apply the same standards, even in the case of minorities.” Young people – regardless of Religion and origin, should grow to be citizens, which put the company in a productive forward, will responsibility be taken over and, in a parallel society einigelten. “If children grow up in parallel societies, you will not drive the company forward,“ says the Islam expert.

mosque Association rejects allegations

the Chairman of The mosque Association, Samy El Hagrasy, rejected the accusation of extremist efforts and announced an appeal against the decision and filed a lawsuit before the administrative court. “We accept and respect our fundamental law,”” said El Hagrasy. The decision of the Land youth welfare office “is not understand for me, and a mystery”.

Large Salafist network in Germany

However, this assessment contradicts the Islam researcher vehemently. From the political Islam of the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists are a number of conflicts were generally, would increasingly provide to a drifting Apart of the children. Even the willingness to be violent, will be increased. “We have in Germany a maximum of Salafists and do not do well, this group gets a new lease on life by young people”, says Schröter.

In Germany, there is a large network of Muslim brothers and Salafists. This is rich from private meetings to large events, where funds for Islamist groups would be collected. “There is a consumption infrastructure in this area,” says the Islam expert.

politicians should expert ask

Therefore, Schröter holds Muslim institutions in General, does not make sense. “I am in favour of all children to learn together and grow up. The majority of Muslims, the secular, and liberal, by the way, schools advocate for our State. They see no profit in Muslim institutions. For you Islam is a private matter.“

but When a Muslim Kita is wanted, then a carrier should be taken of the stand with both feet on the basic law. These should be used but in more detail. “It is recommended to look at before, who is in the Executive staff of the Association, of what a preacher should be invited and what web sites are linked. This is work, but the time politicians should take.“

The easiest way would be to interview experts who had dealt with the scene and would know. “I don’t understand the Mainzer, why you have not done it. In Mainz there are excellent experts, on which the municipalities can draw“, says Schröter.

With Agency material

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit bullying Coach describes in the ZDF conditions in German schools – and lose the socket


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