In the Review of the apartment, a young man fell on the officials who wanted to hide apparently, on the balcony. In his pocket, and then also in the apartment, the officers discovered drugs, money, a weapon-like object as well as items that indicated drug trafficking.

Subsequently, the police were looking for Year olds, also the parental home of the 17 -. Also there are drugs, money, packaging material, a self-made firecrackers, as well as weapons such as a switchblade knife, a baton and ammunition found.

The dog, went first, was injured, according to the. In addition, had become the condition of the apartment it clear that the 18-Year-old have not taken care of enough to the dog. The official doctor took the dog. He has to come home after a treatment to the animal.

dpa drug Neubrandenburg veterinary office police balcony COP, switchblade knives, packaging material, drug trafficking, baton, shelter, ammunition, weapon


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