For a life-threatening knife attack on a neighbors Garden to go is a 39-Year-old for three years and eight months in prison. In addition, he should pay 10 000 Euro for Pain and suffering to his victim. With the judgment of the district court corresponded to the Tuesday of the claim of the Prosecutor’s office. The defense had proposed “a maximum of three years in prison”. The judgment is not yet final.

the court acquitted the man on Tuesday of dangerous bodily injury, insult, resistance against enforcement officials and in the multiple theft, guilty. “When you look at your criminal record, not to have impressed you in a sustainable way”, said judge Tanja Krüske.

After a dispute with a 63-Year-old in a small garden plant in Neubrandenburg, he had engraved the following Morning, in August of 2018 suddenly low, as reported by witnesses. The dispute was a Celebration in the garden of the victim. The celebrants were, according to the loud music from the neighbouring garden there alone alcohol drinking 39-Year-old disturbed, who lived at the time in the small garden, as his mother testified in the process. Because of his life change, you have to let him live in his apartment.

“The next Morning you have the chance, out of frustration and anger about their Situation,” said the judge. The 39-Year-old fled, but was caught after a few days.

The chamber is the admission of the Convicted person ordered in a detoxification facility, even if the 39-Year-old had to reject a review before. One of the evaluators had him classified still as “addicted to alcohol” and “so far, not capable of integration”. Without treatment, it will at the very effervescent character of the man who had come in the year 2000 with his family as immigrants of German descent from Russia to Germany, to come to a release, “100 percent back,” said the expert.

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