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new year’s Baden cancelled: hurricane provides depth for a storm warning to the German coast

Tuesday, 01. January 2019, 15.14 at: To the North sea and the Baltic sea coast are expected to be on Tuesday heavy storms. On the Baltic sea storm tide hazard. Occasionally a hurricane-like wind gusts can occur, such as the German weather service (DWD) reported. Especially Islands and exposed sections of coast affected by the Hurricane. Because of the storm the new year bathing in kühlungsborn and on the island of Sylt have been canceled. Also, the tower lights in Rostock-Warnemünde.

The Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency warns of a storm surge at the Baltic coast. The authority expects water levels of 1.5 meters above the mean water level.

The reason for the strong Wind of the hurricane deep “Zeetje”. It comes from Northern Scandinavia used and meets the High “Ignatius”. This strong North-West wind. The DWD expects that the Wind will increase in the course of Tuesday and in the afternoon a first climax. A second peak is expected in the night to Wednesday.

The Deep, “Zeetje” finally takes over the Baltic States to Russia. In the North, cool, friendly weather brings it on Wednesday. In the coming days, motorists must reckon with smoothness and Frost, where showers from the North sea and the Baltic sea.

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