Christian Thielemann has prepared for his debut as conductor of the Vienna new year’s concert. He had followed many concerts on TV and also in the cutouts with the different conductors looked at, said Thielemann before his Premiere. The ZDF new year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic will broadcast live from the Golden hall of the Musikverein in Vienna.

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play with The Philharmonic on Tuesday (1.1.) from 11.15 a.m. (until 13.45) a wide programme from the Repertoire of the Strauss dynasty. The classic event is broadcast in more than 90 countries.

new year’s concert in Vienna will be “musical hills”

The selection of the programme with the well-familiar orchestra had been marked by “great harmony,” said Thielemann. “The sequence must have an inner arc.” It is a musical hill had become the landscape with plants different in character from the Strauß-dynasty. Under the program listed 17 pieces-six to be played for the first time by the Vienna Philharmonic.

the Polka “Express” the waltz king Johann Strauss (son). Thielemann himself to the consideration of the “Sphere of sound” by Josef Strauss was important. With this waltz of the regular program ends before the obligatory encores – including almost always the famous Radetzky March.

Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra is now even more familiar with each other

The Wagner expert Thielemann is estimated according to the own words, quite the waltz and the lighter Muse. “I started with the operetta, then I slipped but early in the Wagner.” He led the Dresden state chapel, he had played multiple compositions from the operettas and film music.

“I am pleased from the heart on this new year’s concert will be special,” said Daniel Froschauer as a Board member of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra in the presentation of classical music events on Friday. Finally, you have finally won the baton of Christian Thielemann as a conductor for the musical new year’s greeting in the Musikverein: “We have waited a long time for this new year’s concert with him.”

The long-Awaited won the waiting period is also Positive: “It is very nice that it has lasted a few years.” Now, he and the Philharmonic were still familiar with each other.

In the Weather Channel weather of the year: snow, strong winds and temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees with dpa


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