the The world in the year 2019 welcome

Monday, 31. December, 06.14 PM: With parties and fireworks to welcome a billion people in the world in the night of Monday to Tuesday in the year 2019. In Germany, there was this year before new year’s eve, a debate about the sense and nonsense of Böllerei in the face of fine dust, and aggression. Elsewhere is traded: For the protection of its unique Ecosystem of the Galápagos forbade bodies of Islands, the sale and Ignition of fireworks.

The Federal Chairman of the police Union, Oliver Malchow, has said that he was skeptical against further bans of new year’s eve fireworks in Germany, since the police could not control this from lack of staff. A number of municipalities have in recent years fireworks from fire protection or custody of the wreck is forbidden. A General fireworks ban applies to churches, hospitals, retirement homes and fire-hazardous building.

With the strict controls implemented by the police on new year’s eve in Hanover for the first time proposed fireworks ban in the Central downtown area. A party should not comply with the rules, will place references. In the zone of prohibition of fireworks to be collected and destroyed.

GdP-chief Malchow, according to police officers for the new year, take true more and more “aggression and disrespect”, even compared to the fire brigade and rescue forces. Each year, hundreds of people are injured on new year’s eve. It always comes back to death cases, the firecrackers.

Because of the high fine dust pollution, the Federal environment Agency called for a renunciation of private new year’s eve fireworks. The German environmental aid called for in the days before a transfer of fireworks from the troubled inner cities. In the new year’s eve night, air pollution with fine dust rises sharply.

The Association of the pyrotechnic industry expects a turnover of more than € 130 million with the rockets, and Firecrackers. The largest new year’s eve party of the Republic rises again in Berlin at the Brandenburg gate. The ZDF will broadcast live in TV. Performances are planned, among other things, by Kerstin Ott, Bonnie Tyler and DJ Bobo.

in Many places in the Republic of the police to prevent Assault squad as in Cologne’s new year’s eve three years ago. At the time, had been harassed on the Dom a lot of women sexually, and deprived. The incidents made headlines worldwide.

As the First people to be welcomed to Samoa and other Pacific Islands, the new year at 11.00 o’clock in the morning German time.

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