While approved in Germany fireworks are safe as long as the manual is adhered to, it is expressly warned not to buy firecrackers from abroad. These may be unaudited and, thus, in Germany not only prohibited, but may even be life-threatening. There may be penalties of up to three years or to a monetary threaten freedom sentences of up to 50,000 euros.

the do-it-yourself of firecrackers is not only a punishable offence but also very dangerous, because in the case of self-manufactured fireworks under certain circumstances, even the slightest thermal or mechanical influences can lead to an Explosion. Damage to property, but also serious body injury or death can result. It is a sentence of imprisonment of six months up to five years threatens.

About the expert

Police senior councillor Joachim Schneider, head of the Central office of the Police crime prevention of the Länder and the Federal government. More information is available at www.polizei-beratung.de

tips for the safe Use of fireworks

  • new year’s eve fireworks should therefore buy only in regular shops, for example supermarkets. There you can be sure to get in Germany certified, safe fireworks.
  • Allowed firecrackers are in order of intended use, safe to handle, therefore: instructions for use carefully read and strictly comply with it.


  • you should only use fireworks which can optically be no defects to detect. Fail ignited fireworks and dud not re-light it, but dispose of it.
  • fireworks only on flat and open spaces burning.
  • Always have a sufficient safety distance to persons, and buildings to comply with.
  • objects in the fireworks tools to safely (for example, folding feet), you should take advantage of this.
  • The firing of rockets suitable “ramp” (for example, heavy bottles).
  • Branches, balconies or other obstructions must not be in the trajectory of the fireworks.
  • The Burning of fireworks in enclosed spaces is strictly prohibited.
  • does not Work, you should wait at least 15 minutes and in this time, not to approach. After that, the fireworks can be placed, for example, in a water-filled bucket and then disposed of in household waste.
  • you will also Notice under the circumstances existing, local bans and restrictions.

The information sheet of the police for the safe handling of new year’s eve fireworks can be downloaded for free here.

alcohol is a risk not to underestimate! The car

With a glass of champagne ringing in the new year, for many people, new year’s eve. However, you should keep the alcohol consumption level and not to deep into the glass to look, because excessive alcohol consumption can have dire consequences: from the embarrassing appearance in a drunken state, to the severe car accident. New year’s eve – new year, New luck – so the good intentions are driving finally come true

in Particular, anyone who was drinking anything – and who wants to drink something, you should take a Taxi. Because, from 0.5 per thousand drivers in Germany have to reckon with penalties. And has reached an average man with a weight of 75 pounds with two bottles of beer. You can also with 0,3 Promille criminal offence, if you notice, for example, by their manner of driving or cause an accident. PDF Just ONE more glass? So you recognize the Addiction in Our PDF guide the truth explained to them about alcohol, how to identify addiction patterns and fight back.To the PDF guide

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