they are considered to be the next Generation of formula 1 Stars: In the paddock, many are sure that Esteban Ocon, Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly, and Max Verstappen is the future. However, in the past, the Quartet fought battles on the go-kart track. It was hard, like Ocon reveals. There were also numerous conciliatory moments and space for friendship.

In a race Ocon thinks back especially like: the final of the French Junior Kart championship in 2005, in addition to the old formula 1 racetrack at Magny-Cours. He was then eight years old, traveled as a regional Champion from the North and met the seven-year-old Charles Leclerc, who had previously dominated the competitions in the South. “We didn’t know us,” says Ocon.

In the final, however, they have learnt to know, as the leading Leclerc, Ocon threw in an attack in the final curve brachial the door. “Maybe I braked too late,” says Ocon with a grin, “anyway, we’ve touched us and thundered into the tire pile.” Leclerc retired, Ocon returned to the track and finished Sixth. The title of a certain Anthoine Hubert, who decided in the last season of the GP3 championship took.

“We both ran crying to our parents,” says Ocon and shakes with Laughter. His producers put exactly like mother and father Leclerc to exposure therapy. “So, I met Charles for the first Time. Of course, I was pissed. I wanted to kill him! To him, it will be gone in a similar way.” Instead of going at each other’s throats, the two three-cheese high and later became friends. Ocon even spent his holidays with the Leclerc.

The Monegasque moved in the smaller classes, often the Shorter, because he was a year younger than Ocon and experience of residue. As it went on to international Terrain, and Max Verstappen enriched the two fight, the title is much contested. Also, the later in the karting that joins Pierre Gasly contested race against the Trio, before he used to be in the formula sport climb. With him, Ocon was a good friend. Today, they pay tribute to none look more, spider enemy.

“Pretty balanced” was received, says Ocon, who was speaking at the time, not good on Verstappen: “2010 was the year in which I met him. At that time, he has pressed me in a race in Italy on the green strip. In the run after that I returned the favor to me. In the subsequent Training, I went with a new engine. I was slow, and he crashed full in my rear and my Kart destroyed. The rivalry between us was enormous.”

As both of formula-1 pilots, they laughed about such moments – at least until the Brazil race in 2018 the new edition of the feud. “He’s come on the plane to me and has asked, whether I would remember,” says Ocon over Verstappen and the wild rear-end collision. “I answered: ‘Yes, this Crash I still have in the bones!'”

against the two years younger Lance Stroll, who is competing today for the Force India in the king’s class, drove Ocon in youth days, Kart. “He was so small, he was able to keep the head straight,” recalls the Frenchman. “In some races he has beaten me but still. He was very fast, but also very petite, which is why he had two always fight his problems.”

This article was written by Dominik Sharaf, Co-author: Oleg Karpov

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