The barf bag, on the Andrea your story to write down during your flight, was found by an employee of the Airline. This photographed it and posted it under the user name “ho_riene” on the Social Media platform Reddit.

“I found it in the pocket of a seat on the plane, I cleaned up last year. Wherever you are, I hope it went well for you,” wrote “ho_riene” under the photo of the letter, which is dated to February 2018.

“It is really the last Chance,”

“If you are reading this, Hello, I hot Andrea”, the letter. Andrea writes that she is 21 years old and from Miami to DC to fly. The Ticket for the flight I bought last night at four in the morning. “I am so in love with my best friend, he is flying today from Boston to New Orleans with a stopover in DC.” There, you wanted to surprise him.

“I’ll say that I’m in love with him,” wrote Andrea. This would also be for the time being, your last chance to confess to him her feelings, because they go in four days to Australia for a Semester, and your best friend for the next five months would not see. “It is really the last Chance I have. I really don’t know what I’m going to tell you,“ says the 21-Year-old.


“good luck, whoever you are”

“Wish me luck, whoever you are,” she wrote to the people, find your letter and would read. “Yes, Yes I know it’s stupid that I’m writing all of this on a barf bag, but I’m not bored, my Wi-Fi works and I’m nervous”, she justified her message.

finally, a message you and your anonymous reader: “do me a Favor and make today something Crazy, like I was. Good luck, whoever you are,“ she finished the letter.

User want to know if there was a Happy ending

The Post on “Reddit” was commented on by nearly 50,000 users upgevoted and over 1000 Times. Many users shared the Post, hoping to find Andrea. After all, some time since the flight had passed and she’d have to be from Australia and back again. A user shared the letter on Instagram with the Hashtag “findAndrea2019”.

The Users now want to know, as Andreas best friend has responded and whether there was a Happy ending. In your courageous, romantic action, you would wish from the heart! And maybe, she says Yes but still a word in…

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