Until last night, I had to write about the new arms race between Russia, China and the United States. With me, the question is very busy, if you have now finished since everything is so digital, yet rockets from steel and gunpowder. Why is there no deterrent App?

Or the AfD – under special consideration of the question of whether the tomorrow’s start will end a new year, a happy AfD, are, finally, choice for you at the European elections in may and the three elections in Eastern Germany is conceivable. And also here: No Anti-AfD-App. What are they doing in Silicon Valley all day, anyway?

“What we want to drink” danceable tech-nologies

Then I thought can annoy me on Protestant pastor on the lower Rhine, apparently asylum-seekers Ex-Shia from Iran faster to Christianity-to immigrate, as the “I believe in Jesus” call, what the FAZ wrote a really truthful, un-relotius adhere to facts Report. I think the question is, what should you say as a trained Christian, in the rest of the complex. To the complexity of the personal experience, however, is how hard it fell, a beaten friend, after years to get back in to the Church. But then I read a few hundred comments in the social networks. It went to the Böllerei on new year’s day. And it was about our freedom, nothing more and nothing Less. Since I could no longer resist. Dominik Butzmann

About the author: Ulrich Reitz

Ulrich Reitz worked as a correspondent in the world, was in the starting team of FOCUS, which he led, and was a total of 17 years as editor-in-chief of the two largest German regional newspaper “WAZ” and “Rheinische Post”. He deals with the societal consequences of digitalization, the cultural foundations of Germany and the Performance of its elites in politics and the economy. Reitz sees itself as economically ordoliberal and politically conservative. He appreciates the well-maintained controversy.

I quickly realized: Here it is, finally, also about race. The difference is that Putin, Xi and Trump are far away, the firecrackers joyful, and freedom-seekers neighbor is very close. And another Parallel: our a Yes, as in Bonn’s Hofgarten at the beginning of the eighties 300 demonstrated 000 people against the retrofitting and Helmut Kohl in the helicopter for the Federal main village disproportionate amount and pondering asked: Have flew to the right, or should I? (He had.) It was a good 35 years, it was not only world peace, but also about celebrating. “What we want to drink,” sang the “Bots”. This is a song I heard then again and again on new year’s eve in the old town of düsseldorf, in the meantime, of course, danceable tech-nologies.

I wanted to just say heroic

Speaking of which, There are already a firecracker zones. One of them is actually located in the old town of düsseldorf. Since then, the betting place upgrade elsewhere, and the many celebration beasts must have in order to twelve, no more fear, to be of an illegal Poland firecrackers in the Notauflage of the Protestant hospital bombed. This may now turn to the Red-Green city government, and therefore could feel those confirmed, the illiberal green #fun brakes on the freedom-depriving work. This is a Topos in the networks, here #green filthy freedom-loving one of their last amusement reserves.

My last big Road fireworks I experienced in Berlin, at the Potsdamer Platz on the way to the Brandenburg gate. This personal experience is representative, insofar as these place in that night, everyone felt that now really wants to go. I made the mistake to want to look at what’s going on directly in front of the barriers. No, there is no Reporter was instinct, I wanted to just say heroic.

In Berlin grass> siert for years the #fun “wutbürger”

in any case: In Berlin, you govern well, the Red and the Green. Something must, therefore, brakes will be wrong in the Argument with the Fun. In Berlin, it is different: There, the freedom, the celebration has to take precedence over the need for Quiet, the Only-With-champagne-Anstoßer. Maybe the #Wutbürger spreads in provincial Germany. In Berlin grass #fun angry magnetized for years.

bans are in liberal societies always bad, is it?

a number of letters on the Internet, and since 2015 have changed with the Böllerei. I can’t judge. What I know for sure is that, before, than, for example, the düsseldorf old town, yet the majority of biodeutsch was, there was also a Zone of reduced consideration: one wrong word, and the fists flew, regardless of Religion and skin color, and zack was happy, the dentist. At the time, it was discussed in the family fiercely, if you do not have to ban the Junior the visit there. Today, the ban is #filthy green #fun brake – frowned upon in certain circles, however, such that the other prohibitions are in order, for example, a ban of #Islam.

bans are in liberal societies always bad, is it? Some of my Wutfreunde write, of all things, the Böllerei, the joy of the little man, should be banned, according to the German environmental aid. But not the cruises, which are much more Dirt due to the luxury, the chimney will blow. The rich Elite have set themselves again by (#yellow West).

What a world, in the last Bastion of the Anpacker-man to the environmentalists?

Shortly thereafter, I had my bike in the rain. It was in Ratingen, and I stood in front of the shop window of a travel Agency. There is a giant hung a large poster. The Aida campaigned with virtually emission-free cruises on their newest ship and I thought: Why do that? Get the money from this Mr Resch of the environment help? Or, worse still, Believe about the #lies of the press, the leads are longer in the suit that cruise ships may still be, what Diesel are not allowed?

Then I remembered that I had read, a hardware store in Langenfeld took firecrackers out of the range. And I thought: What the hell is a world in which now the last Bastion of the white Anpacker-man must be soft purged environmentalists? Shortly thereafter, it occurred to me on the search for a balance bar in a hardware store in Duisburg, as many women are now shopping, and not only Crafts, but also hand-held circular saws.

2000 years of progress – mankind, you have far to

and I think the fire works, if you, as large-scale and multi-culturally enriching as that of the Japanese in my town, that’s fine, although perhaps also true, that nowadays, less and less spirits must be cast out. But – can you really know that? In the FAZ, an educated commentator wrote that before the evil spirits of the Germanic cast, with the help of burning wheels. As I thought full of gratitude: 2000 years of progress – mankind, you have come a long way.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex pouring of lead is forbidden: Why the wax-Alternative elections, Angela Merkel, Berlin can save


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