how do we know that? Now, in April 2000, have cosmologists found for the first time out and with the far better Planck space telescope data in March of this year confirmed that our universe is practically flat. “Flat” means in their language “not curved”.

it’s Not curved? How could be crooked in the room? In the same way as a surface of the space can imagine to be curved in principle, even if the stress no man – and I really, really none. And as certain curved surfaces (see surface) only of a certain size, could also be a curved universe is finite in size. Curvature of zero does not mean that our universe comes somewhere far in the back again, but always beautiful. Just infinite. That’s fucking far, particularly towards the end, with Woody Allen Express.

The consequences of an infinite universe

What is the impact of “infinity” on the adoption of alien civilizations? In my article Are we alone? I had shown that there is in our milky way probably only to us. We assume, therefore, that there is pro galaxy only an ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the technical term for alien civilizations). The all bewildering logic of “infinite”, there would be then not only an infinite number of planets, but also an infinite number of galaxies, and thus an infinite number of ETIs! Oops – instead of to find out, whether there is at least one alien intelligence, we now have infinitely many of them!

the Ones that are a bit much, could argue, there would be far less ETIs in galaxies. But this assumption doesn’t help the math remains persistently: Every little ETI-in-galaxies-the probability of e is calculated, multiplied to Infinity, and again an infinite number according to the formula, e×¥ = ¥. Only if it could absolutely be no ETIs in any galaxy, would be your number zero. But it gives us! Therefore our existence of forces in an infinite universe, the existence of an infinite number of ETIs! Help, now we have an infinite number of ETIs and you will not let go!

About the expert

former Astronaut Ulrich Walter, since March 2003, the chair of space technology at the Technical University of Munich and teaches and conducts research in the area of space technology and systems engineering. His main focus is on real-time robotics in space, inter-satellite communications are explorations of technologies and technologies for planetary.

but That’s not all. We could ask: How many ETIs would people Similarities with us? We assume that every Millionth ETI would be to us humans. This multiplied by Infinity is … Infinite. There are many people would be infinitely similar civilizations out there somewhere! We go a step further: what is the probability for planets, continents and countries, such as here on the earth, with exactly the same people? The probability of exactly this constellation on a certain planet, would, of course, extremely small. But no matter how small we imagine, the number also, with Infinite shot down you get there is Infinite. Now it is clear where the journey goes. I could finally ask, how many of the creatures, alien civilizations, All inhabit. As many may have read in this very moment, this article and exactly the same parents, friends, and classmates as you, at exactly the same life?

The answer was always the same: infinitely many! Would you all really and now exist. Even more so, imagine what else you of situations in your life: your best friend, your friend stretches out to you, the Beatles still play together and produce one new Hit after the other, your “cloned” image stands in front of you … as long as these ideas do not violate any scientific laws, there is only one planet in the universe where this takes place the same way, but infinitely many!

stop! This can’t be, you say. And I say: Yes, that’s the way it is. Since April 2000 we know that the universe is flat, and this is inevitably the consequence.

It gives you, but …

Now the first. The next clone of us would not be right in front of our front door, that is to say, in the next star system. A smart cosmologist, has calculated that the next alter ego was about 10hoch(10) meters away. 10hoch(10), a One with 10 zeros! You would write out the number, so to 1,000,000 …, it could fill 10 books. Still incomprehensible? Okay, would you put all together, these books are compact, then they would fill a volume as large as the moon. The earthly Trabant, crammed with books with a One, otherwise it is all zeros! I think it is clear that you will meet his alter-ego never or even radio contact is recording, because the Signal there is approximately 10hoch(10) years of on-the-go. Who can wait so long? And then the response back!

Now the second. Some cosmologist might argue that the Planck measurements could allow for a very, very small curvature of space, and even an absolutely flat universe topologically coherent. Our universe could be infinitely large. Without this something of a difficult mathematical peculiarity, I must concede: Yes, it could, but need not be so. Anyway, this wretched clone-would be the history of the world. On the other hand, was first detected in mid-2004 due to the evaluation of earlier measurements that this is a topologically closed universe would have a diameter of at least 78 billion light years across, so about three times more than what we could ever see with telescopes.

In such a universe there would have to be about 10 stars and about as many planets. That would be too little for a clone, but it would be enough for a ETI? That is exactly where the ETI-agree: Yes, this is certainly the case, because of the huge number of earth-like planets would be self-slain extremely low ETI-emergence probability.

FULL MEDIA book review Ulrich Walter: A different view on the world! (2018) finally, but alone

So we finally have the answer to the question “Are we alone?” found. In our milky way, we probably are alone, but somewhere out there in other galaxies many millions of light years away, there has to be others. But because of these vast distances, we will never – and I stress, NEVER get in touch with them … so we are alone again.

Copyright: the rights to The article are with Ulrich Walter.

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