After the violent death of a pensioner married couple on Christmas eve in Nordhausen, the police has announced a reward of 5000 Euro for crucial stuff notes. You go out, in the meantime, by a single offender, said the Prosecutor on Friday in Nordhausen, where a press conference with the police took place. A previously unknown Person, see on Videos of multiple surveillance cameras near the scene, and suitable to the time of the crime on Monday morning, applies as strongly suspect. Police Thüringen, Among other things, with these two recordings of a surveillance camera police are seeking the perpetrators, the police of Thuringia, The alleged double-killer is here circled in red

investigators hope to witness statements by Partner-murder

investigators hope for information from witnesses who may have seen the Person around 7: 30 or at 10: 00 in the vicinity of the crime scene, such as in the Paul-Ernst – or the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße Probably it was a man with dark hair .

On the blurry shots, this was according to the Prosecutor, a very dark, maybe even black jacket with white lettering . To his shuffling gait, the investigators could detect no abnormalities, such as it was. The police also assume that the hands and clothes of the man smudged after the fact blood must have been.

After the fact was taken, according to the Prosecutor, the couple’s home was searched and probably a high amount of cash. The exact sum and the particulars of the murder weapon is not shared with the police and the Prosecutor’s office because of the ongoing investigation.

cheaters want to act for themselves

The bodies of the 82-Year-old and his 80-year-old wife were discovered on Monday morning. They were, according to police in the yard of her house, which was probably also the scene of the crime. The bodies signs were found to be “massive violence”. An autopsy later confirmed the suspicion of a killing crime. In the case of the killed man was according to police reports, a Region well-known junk dealer, and flea market organizer.

Meanwhile, attempted fraud, the fact, advantage of: The country’s police inspection Nordhausen reported cases in which false police officers should have reported on Thursday by telephone, especially in the elderly. With reference to the crime they wanted to come to data of the Called party.

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