The only rest day of the four-hills-tournament, the new German hope Markus Eisenbichler enjoyed quite relaxed. Prior to the continuation of the intensive ski jump duel with Japan’s high-Flyer Ryoyu Kobayashi Bayer on Wednesday dispensed with jumps, Interviews, and the big media hype, he had to overcome in the past few days.

His goal: “distance of all the excitement.” The use of iron Bichler good, because after two second places in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen is for him to not less than the first German tour overall victory in 17 years.

duel between iron Bichler and Kobayashi

“I am extremely happy and wouldn’t have thought that it works so cool,” says the 27-year-old victory of the villages, the Yellow on the Large Olympic hill, which again is extremely short carrier Kobayashi had to admit defeat and now in the overall standings 2.3 points behind him.

According to two of the four stations is in the tradition of the event so from the qualification in Innsbruck on Thursday (14 clock/ARD and Eurosport) everything on a duel between the Japanese and the best DSV-Adler. dpa, Markus Eisenbichler is happy

“Markus shows his level, but he is the Challenger. It is the dominant man leads,” said national coach Werner Schuster after the new year’s jump, with the exception of iron Bichler no German in the podium, near came. “He sets the Pace. He will jump even more secure. It is very pleasing that mark is very, very close,” added the Austrian.

If you look at iron bichlers results in this Winter, you can shake, because of the lack of Konstanz, actually, only with the head. He landed on the stands, 15, 15, 25, 32, 10, and 48, before he mastered the tour-rehearsal in Engelberg as the Sixth and all of a sudden buoyancy.

“found the key”

iron Bichler has never won a world Cup jump. Now he is the big Star in the German Team in the tour. It’s hard to believe how far the 27-Year-old from the Rest of the team.

“He has found exactly at the right time is the key, also two very good jumps. He makes it absolutely terrific,” praised the long-standing Top athletes Severin Freund, for after two weak betting the tour is over to fight. dpa DSV-Adler Markus Eisenbichler

“I am delighted that I get the front mitspringen. I’m going to wait until he makes a mistake. Or, what is easier: I skispringe even better,” said eisenbichler now with a view to Kobayashi.

It is a sporty, high-quality duel is one of the biggest title of ski jumping. And there fight two athletes, therefore, the played in the preseason in the top of the world.

“The two will set the Pace, but there others to come yet. Markus can really jump well in Innsbruck, Kobayashi is in an absolute Transformation. We must keep up the pressure”, called for coach Schuster. For him, the Chance to stand on the first tour victory in eleven world Cup-years, perhaps never so well as now.



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