“I’ve seen the current pictures in the media of Michael and his consort,” she writes. It was an unusual sight to see him in “intimate embrace with another woman.” Of course emotions would be, which would you process first. “I wish Michael but of the heart, that he finds a new love and be happy.”

they hope to be able to with Michael in the future to a friendly deal. As before, the two are connected by the common teen daughter, Adeline, to you care for together.

We have drifted apart

at The end of her statement, Claudia Norberg makes clear once again: “The many years also we will continue to support us and each other all the luck in the world for the future you wish for.”

in October, the singer had himself and his wife are separated. In a joint Statement, it was said at the time: “After 29 years of shared time and nine years of marriage, we hereby announce our separation.” From love to friendship had become. As the reason for the separation, she indicated that they had lived apart.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex So the presenter still looked 15 years ago from pk


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