Here, the unknown perpetrators tried so far, the entrance door by means of a chisel aufzuhebeln, with property damage in the amount of about 400 euros. People who were able to make in the said night the suspicious perceptions, are requested to at the police station, Sing Tel. To report 07731/8880,.


came To a fire in the refugee accommodation in the street “On width” in the night from Sunday to Monday. A resident of the house was woken up on Sunday against 23:30 o’clock by the Alarm of the fire protection system and went on search of causes, wherein he was able to find that out of a locked room designated Smoking urge. As to Knock on the door no one answered, he went outside and could see through the window that the room was full of smoke and the residents in the room was. By the start of the window, with his bare hands, he could enter the room and the strong coughing and drunken room residents, with another in the meantime, add geeilten neighbors, to the Free save. The burning mattress was able to be deleted by the helper with a fire extinguisher. The rooms of the residents came due to the suspicion of flue gas intoxication to outpatient treatment in a hospital. The neighbor, who draws on the Smashing of the window, a cut on the Hand, was also treated on an outpatient basis in the hospital. Except for the burned mattress building was still damage by soot in the amount of about 2000 Euro. Against the room’s residents is determined on suspicion of negligent arson as the cause of the fire is suspected to be in connection with a burning cigarette. A third-exclude is at fault. In addition to the police, the rescue service and the Voluntary fire brigade of Gaienhofen.

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the police headquarters in Konstanz/news aktuell


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