So were the mission control station between the 31. December 2018, 18 h, and the 1. January 2019, 6 PM, a total of 254 police missions recorded. While in the previous year to 257 operations, the value in the turn of the year 2016/2017 at 225.

The officials were mainly due to typical occasions for a new year’s eve night. Apart from alcohol-related disputes, and personal injury, property damage and minor fires.

A greater use due to a fire occurred in the Pastor-Hümpel-road in Bad Bramstedt. According to the current state of this handle to 1:30 p.m. from a trash can on the Carport and a car and then a house. A significant building damage. The police has started the investigation already.

In Elmshorn way inflamed around midnight, a Carport in the Maria Dettmann -. The fire to Spread, however, could be prevented. In trying to extinguish a fire one Person suffered minor injuries. Paramedics brought them to a nearby hospital.

Also in Pinneberg, there have been two major fires. At 0:30 o’clock a fire of stored construction materials on the handle in the mill street Garage. About two hours later began a Carport and a shed in the street In Rosenfeld fire.

stuff notes to the Fires to be taken by the criminal investigation Department in Bad Segeberg (04551-8840), the criminal investigation Elmshorn (04121-8030) and the Kriminalpolizei Pinneberg (04101-2020).

A bet because of a blown-up vending machines took the company officials against 0:50 a.m. in the street Falkenhorst true. Stuff information to be requested under 040 528060.

police Directorate Bad Segeberg – press office – Dorfstr. 16-18 23795 Bad Segeberg

Berit Lindenberg phone: 04551-884-2024 E-Mail:

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