The perpetrators are entered, at around 14.30, the Store and threatened the alone in the business are owner-apparently with a firearm. As the jeweler approached the robber, should have then dissolved in a shot from the weapon. Whether it was for the weapon to be a sharp shot gun or a Taser gun, is now the subject of the investigation. After a scuffle between the offenders and the jeweler, to have captured and seized the robber on foot in the direction of the old town, the escape, without something from the store. Fortunately, the business owner was not injured during the Robbery. The offender is supposed to be about 30 years old, very thin and 1.65 to 1.70 m tall. Was clothed the man with a black Balaclava with white stripes, a dark blue jacket with a subtle white plaid pattern, dark Jeans and dark shoes. In addition, he is supposed to have a white bag to be had. Potential witnesses or informants are asked to contact the criminal investigation Department in Limburg at the phone number (06431) 91400.

This post is provided by: PD Limburg-Weilburg police Bureau West Hessen/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

PD Limburg-Weilburg police Bureau West Hessen/news aktuell


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