The accident away from the scene of the accident, without the obligations of parties involved in the accident. Material damage was caused in the amount of approximately EUR 200. Notes takes the Pst. Hofheim under 06192/2079-0.

2. Bike theft in Hofheim-Marxheim, Frankfurter Straße 82, 27.12.18, 14:00 – 29.12.18, 18:00 clock

A hitherto unknown offender stole in the above period a mountain bike, which was parked in the owner in the hallway in front of his apartment in the family house. In the case of the bike it was a blue mountain bike brand Cube, type AIMPRO to a value of approximately EUR 500. Relevant information takes the Pst. Hofheim under 06192/2079-0.

3. Theft from car in Hattersheim, Mainzer landstraße 50, 29.12.18, gg. 17:00

Unsub Smart stolen in the o. a. period with a shoulder bag from the passenger seat of a parked car. The vehicle user was at this time engaged in loading activities, and your vehicle was, therefore, closed for a brief Moment, unattended and unprocessed. In the purse, other personal items and documents were, in addition to the wallet. Witnesses are asked to with the Pst. To put Hofheim in connection 06192/2079-0.

4. Theft of car in Sulzbach, neugart road, 29.12.18, at 22:30 – 23:00 clock

the Unknown offender entered the o. a. time in the office premises of a Car repair shop and stole in addition to a money cassette the ignition key of a on the farm, the workshop, the parked red Toyota Aygo. In the further course, the perpetrators fled in a red Toyota Aygo registration number F-KD 803 from the scene in an unknown direction. Instructions please to the criminal investigation Hofheim under 06192/2079-0 or the police Eschborn under 06196/9695-0.

5. Burglary in apartment in apartment house in Kriftel, oberweid road, 29.12.18, 11:00 – 30.12.18, 09:15 PM

Unknown offender gained up to now unknown way of access to a Penthouse apartment in oberweid road. Besides cash, clothes, jewelry, coin and stamp collections were stolen. The damage is currently assessed at approximately EUR 5000. Witnesses are asked with the police in Hofheim am Taunus, 06192/2079-0.

6. Burglary in dwelling-house, Bad Soden-Neuenhain, Three-Linden-street, 30.12.18, at 21:45 – 21:50 am

Two unknown perpetrator threw a stone a window at a house and came in the house. In the house ransacked and the perpetrators were looking for only the bedrooms and stole a box of costume jewelry. The time of the crime, in the vacation being home owners were informed by means of an Alarm on your mobile phone about the break-in and called directly the police. In spite of immediately initiated investigation with the help of strong police forces from the Main-Taunus-circle, were able to escape the two perpetrators. It should have two male perpetrators acted, both of which are described as slim. Witnesses who have observed during the period in question, possibly, suspicious persons or non-resident cars in the area of new grove, are asked contact the police in Hofheim under 016192/2079-0 or the police in Eschborn, Germany, under 06196/9695-0.

Graf, PHK and KvD

This post is provided by: PD Main-Taunus – police headquarters West of Hesse/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

PD Main-Taunus – police headquarters West of Hesse/news aktuell


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