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number the employed sign is rising on record since the reunification of

12.49 PM: In the year 2018 in Germany, in spite of the ageing society, so many people on the payroll since the reunification. In the past year had been an average of 44.8 million people employed, according to the Federal Statistical office on Wednesday on the Basis of preliminary calculations. This is an increase of 1.3 percent within a year and the highest level since 1991. A higher proportion of employed residents, as well as the influx of foreign workers could offset the negative effects of demographic change, more, said the Wiesbaden-based Agency.

police freed a Pensioner with unusual climbing use out of their apartment,

Wednesday, 02. January 2019, 11.44 PM: With an unusual climbing use have exempted police officers in Saalfeld, a Pensioner out of their locked apartment. The woman had locked herself in her apartment, but the key is misplaced, as the police announced on Wednesday. By Tapping you have neighbors on your predicament. Since new year’s day, no spare key was to be found were the police, ultimately, through a window in the ground floor, the apartment of the woman, where the officials finally found the lost key.

More bad luck a woman in Schmalkalden, which could also open your front door. You agreed according to police Wednesday in a key emergency service, the Internet had discovered. An employee opened the door, then demanded, but instead of the first budget of 300 euros for his work, 800 euros. The woman paid, agreed afterwards, but the police, determined now because of usury against the key service.

study: migrants provide for recovery in the case of German patents

19.08 PM: immigrants boost according to a study, the innovations “Made in Germany”. In the meantime, every tenth of a Patent by inventors with non-German roots, as the “Handelsblatt”, citing a study by the Institute of German economy (IW) said. Then, have contributed since 2005, especially foreigners or children of migrants, the number of patent applications in Germany has strongly increased.

in Total, were signed in 2016, and 4.3 percent more patents than in the year 2005, as it is called. The Plus, however, is due almost areas exclusively to inventors from other voice: they increased their patent filings by 65 percent. The inventor of the German language space, however, grew only by one percent.

Thus, the share of inventors with foreign roots in the period from 2005 to 2016 at the same time increased from 6.1 percent to 9.4 percent. Basically, it showed that the inventor from the East – and Southeast Europe to made the largest contribution among all the migrants, the patent applications.

place two of these from the Arabic-Turkish space, according to the “Handelsblatt”, closely followed by those from southern Europe and Latin America. The highest dynamics is shown, however, in the case of inventors from Asian countries said they were able to double the number of their full patent applications from 175 in 2005 to 348 in the year 2016.

The IW researched the composition of the inventor with the help of a new surname database. Thus, the inventors were assigned to rooms in the different language. However, since the worldwide common name like Michael or Thomas were assigned to the Germans, although they are also used in other countries, as a result, the observed high proportion of migrants to the registration of patents must be, “only the lower limit”. Your actual contribution was even higher, writes the “Handelsblatt”.

As the Savior for the minute of silence start, they heard a Baby in the ruins crying

18.38 at: In the Russian Magnitogorsk the new year with good news started. More than 30 hours after a gas explosion in a block of a ten-month-old Baby was rescued from the rubble. FOCUS Online/Wochit, A day after a gas explosion in Russia: Here rescuers pull Baby from rubble

police save 13 cats and a parrot degenerate apartment

17.35: 13 cats and a parrot has been rescued by the police in the Same from a severely neglected apartment. Neighbors have complained about an unbearable stench, police said on Tuesday. Through a window on the ground floor, the officials were able to see several cats in the apartment.

As the Keeper of the animals had not been seen for days and the Animal appeared to be endangered, they called the fire Department. This opened the apartment door. In collaboration with the shelter, the cats and the parrot were recovered, which had neither food nor water. Against the animal’s owner is now determined for violation of the animal protection act.

Three German after icy night on mountain in Tirol

13.04 PM: rescued Three young Germans have been rescued after a night on a 2000 metre high mountain in Austria. The three 22-Year-old could drive on Sunday evening in the Tyrol, with heavy snow and total darkness is no longer and placed an emergency call, such as the Austrian news Agency APA reported. Because of the bad weather conditions they could be, therefore, only on Monday afternoon by a rescue helicopter recovered.

Two of the Rescued the plight survived, according to the APA unharmed. A man was admitted accordingly, with frostbite of the hands and feet in a hospital.

heart and soul: a Single man adopted a little girl with Down syndrome Luca Trapanese Facebook Luca and the little Alba will be happy

Tuesday, 01. January 2019, 08.34 PM: It is a touching story: Luca Trapanese wants to be a father. However, the Italian laws do not make it easy.

Lucas desire to have children grew a few years ago with his former Partner. Together with him, he founded a social organization in Naples. Then the love but broke up. “As a single parent they told me I could adopt a child with a disability”, says Luca to the BBC. “Or one that had already been used by many families to be rejected.”

Luca is not a Problem: “Since I am 14 years old, I worked as a volunteer with disabled and I have the feeling that I have enough Knowledge and experience.”

So he keeps a little later, the small Alba for the first Time in the Arm. The girl is just a month old. She has Down syndrome and was rejected by 20 potential adoptive families.

Luca did not hesitate for one second, and adopted the girl. Since then, they have a heart and a soul. “Alba has a very strong personality, and sometimes she can be really stubborn. She loves to play all day, to eat and to dance.” Luca Trapanese Facebook Luca and Alba celebrate Christmas

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