A 47-Year-old tractor-trailer driver collided with the Opel of a 41-Year-old at the junction of the Aalen street. Both parties involved in the accident reported that the traffic light was on Green. A result of the accident, the Opel was injured driver easy. The damage to property amounts to about 5,000 Euro for the tractor unit and approximately 2000 Euro to the Opel. There has, as yet, not clarified, it could be that the traffic light showed Green, are witnesses to the accident are asked to contact the police station in Crailsheim at the phone number 07951/4800. In particular, a witness will be sought, which had been immediately after the accident, the Opel-driver, when the police arrived, but not more.

Crailsheim: right-of-way

taken On Wednesday around 07:30 a.m. a 26 wanted to retract-Year-old in her VW Polo in the Ludwig-Erhard-Straße. In the process, they overlooked a 40-Year-old Mazda driver. By accident, a property was on the Mazda damage in the amount of approximately 200 euros and the VW in the amount of 500 Euro. Was injured by the accident no one.

Schwäbisch Hall: damage to car

About 1000 euros in damages caused by a previously unknown perpetrator, as he was scratched on Sunday in the period between 15:15 and 20:15 at a parked Audi in the street At the Kelkertor. The police station Schwäbisch Hall accepts instructions to act under the phone number 0791/4000.

Schwäbisch Hall: Two small buses damaged

An as-yet-unknown perpetrators damaged in the period between Tuesday at 20:00 and Wednesday at 07:15, two vehicles from the Johanniter accident assistance in the Sonnenhalde. In a Transit, the suspect damaged the handle of the driver’s door and the rear license plate. On a VW the front right light was a burnout. Witnesses of the fact, the station asked the police Schwäbisch report Hall under the telephone number 0791/4000.

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