Due to inappropriate speed on the wet roadway, you slipped when you Turn on the traffic island on the lane of oncoming traffic and collided head-on with the traffic due to the Chevrolet of a 52-Year-old. In the collision, the 18 injured-Year-old easily. There is a total damage to property in the amount of 5,000 was created,- Euro.

Riesbürg alone, strayed

Monday afternoon, involved of the roadway, against 14.20, was a 41-Year-old Opel driver on the K 3305 pflaum hole in the direction of gold Burghausen, on-the-go. When she had to suddenly Dodge a rabbit, she lost control of her vehicle. This overturned and came to a field. The 41-year-old woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital. In the vehicle property damage in the amount of 7,000 was created,- Euro.

Ellwangen, Germany: traffic accident escape,

An unknown vehicle driver drove on Monday, against 18.45, probably with a white van or box car next to the road from the Palais Adelmann in the upper street and crack a concrete pillar from the anchor so that it fell on the floor and against a parked Daimler-wagon bounced. Although the Daimler-Benz property damage in the amount of 1.500,- Euro emerged was away, the accident without permission from the scene of the accident. The police station Ellwangen ask stuff notes under the phone number 07961/9300.

Ellwangen: Fire

On Monday evening, about 22: 20, warning the Feuerwehr Ellwangen to a fire in the Kaplan-Renz-way. Probably due to flying objects firecrackers or rockets, were caught behind a Garage stored the Yellow bags in Brand. The fire spread to the adjacent blue bin, as well as three bikes and damaged the building of the wall of the Garage. The total damage is estimated at 1.500,- Euro. The Freiwillige Feuerwehr Ellwangen was with 24 people and five vehicles.

Aalen and bed rings: Other Fire emergencies due to fire

On Tuesday, against 0.05 PM, from advanced the Volunteer fire brigade of the bed rings with nine people and a vehicle in the Spechtweg in bed rings, because there is probably due to fireworks, a Thuja bodies-was a hedge and caught fire.

had to be against 0.20 p.m. of the fire in a burning waste paper container in the Eugene street in Aalen deleted. The fire-Wasseralfingen, which was with 10 people and a vehicle in use, had extinguished the fire quickly. A Spread to the home could be prevented. The fire was apparently ignited by fireworks twill.

In both cases, no or only small damage was done.

Mutlangen: building fire

With a firecracker in the Garage of a multi-family house, in the Richard-Wagner-Straße caught fire on Tuesday, against 02.05 PM. Here, the Garage burned completely and the flames attacked partially on the house. All the residents were able to leave the house in time and were unharmed. The fire brigade had extinguished the fire quickly. The damage to property amounts to about 20,000,- Euro.

This post is provided by: police headquarters, Aalen/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

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