A 17-Year-old from the wetterau was at this time in the Parking lot of a discounter in the street “to The sour born”. Suddenly, a man insulted him, pushed him against a car and punched him with the fist in the face. The 17-Year-old suffered minor injuries. The attacker fled on a Bicycle. It should have a German with a slim build, black hair and Three-day Beard acted in. During the incident, he had hat-a black wool and a green jacket worn by The police in Friedberg, Tel.: 06031/601-0 is looking for witnesses of the incident. In particular, persons asked in the Parking lot were to contact the police at the above phone number.

incident on Track 1 – witnesses wanted!

Friedberg, Against 18.15 clock, it came on Monday night on Track 1 of the train station in Friedberg to a dispute. Several callers informed about the emergency, that groups of young men were involved in a dispute, a knife to be in the game. One of the men was bleeding. Shortly afterwards the patrol car arrived at the station, were able to encounter the police only four men. None of the persons had a major injury. What to wear specifically, is at present unclear. Nor is it known who are the parties Involved in the incident. The Federal police, Frankfurt asks, therefore, witnesses to the incident, but also people who have perceived in the area of the railway station at the relevant time Fleeing and wounded, under Tel.: To put 069/130145-0 with her.

pressed Against the wall and key is required

Bad Vilbel: A 15-year-old student went on a Tuesday at 8.15 a.m. on the Nidda river path along. On the stairs of the overpass, two young people approached him. One of the two pushed the boy against the wall and demanded the release of a key. To loot without doing anything, the two men were, however, of the 15-Year-old and fled on foot over the red bridge in the direction of Südbahnhof. The main actor in the incident to have been of a young, athletic body and a Moroccan look. He was wearing a dark sports jacket, Jeans and a cap, ca 185 cm tall. His companion did t-shirt, a grey hoodie and dark Jeans are worn. He had been thin. The police come to investigate for attempted robbery. Notes takes the police in Bad Vilbel, Tel.: 06101/5460-0.

Corina Weisbrod

This post is provided by: police headquarters Central Hesse – press office Wetterau/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police headquarters Central Hesse – press office Wetterau/news aktuell


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