When the rescue forces arrived, there were already large parts of the house in flames. The inhabitants of the adjacent houses were able to proceed unharmed. In an adjacent house was damaged by fire to the outside wall. In the course of extinguishing the fire, the firefighters was able to find a lifeless Person in the building. 130 emergency workers of the voluntary fire brigades from Michelstadt, Erbach, and Reichelsheim, two ambulance crews, an ambulance and crisis intervention teams are currently in use. The building is about to collapse. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of euros. The criminal investigation Department in Erbach has taken over the investigation. Notes will be accepted under the telephone number 06062 – 953 0.

Matthias Brosch, PHK and PvD

This post is provided by: police headquarters South Hessen/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police headquarters South Hessen/news aktuell


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