When he went to Check, he discovered that the engine room of the front of the property of the BMW flames. He tried to delete, along with his 44 year old wife to the fire. Both were injured by the Inhalation of smoke, gases easily. By the use of rescue workers were treated on site. Firefighters extinguished finally the Brand. According to the current investigation of a technical problem and as a brand is to adopt a stand cause. The damage to property amounts to several thousand euros. The police in Heppenheim has taken up the investigation.

Rapporteur: PHK Doll, police station, home four home

Matthias Brosch, PHK and PvD

Lampert provided in This post is from: police headquarters South Hessen/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police headquarters South Hessen/news aktuell


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