Allegedly, the Unknown came through a basement window into the basement of the apartment building and then went to the first floor. There the burglar on revoked, then a door and searched the rooms. He stole a medicinal agent in the various medicines were, as well as two broken Smartphones. The value of the Diebesguts is likely to amount to a rather small amount. The resulting property damage could not yet be quantified. The Police Station Böblingen, Tel. 07031/13-2500, asking witnesses to provide clues to report.

Sindelfingen, Germany: hit-and-run on hospital Parking

A property damage of about € 6,000 behind an unknown vehicle left arm, a hit-and-run in the Parking lot of the Sindelfingen committed on Tuesday between 06.20 hrs and 13.50 at hospital, in Arthur-Gruber road. Perhaps, the Unknown One grazed the Peugeot in and out of Parking spaces. Without having to worry about the accident, he was then out of the dust. The Police Station Is Sindelfingen, Germany, Tel. 07031/697-0, looking for witnesses that observed the accident.

This post is provided by: the police headquarters in Ludwigsburg/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

the police headquarters in Ludwigsburg/news aktuell


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