The 68-year-old victim died at the scene of a non-natural suffocation death of his life partner (71) remained physically unharmed.

The Bochum public Prosecutor’s office and the detective chief Commissioner Daniela Stiens, headed “homicide Hordel” been working for days with high pressure in the elucidation of the crime.

The Elderly woman had returned with her Partner against 15.25 in the semi-detached house on the Six-brothers-road. While her life partner was in the garden, met the woman in the hallway of a sudden, the two masked and dark-clad burglar.

Still, it is not clear how and when the perpetrators are in the house. Directly after the meet, they brought the 71-Year-old to the ground and covered them with clothes. Then the men who probably have not spoken English from the fit, the 68-Year-old and tied him up.

After that, have stopped the perpetrators until at least 17.30 in the house and all the floors intensively for prey search.

To 17.50 PM has upset the Elderly woman, after she could hear no Gehgeräusche of the offender, then the courage to dial the emergency call to the police.

In recent days, the murder Commission has reviewed a variety of Clues. A “hot track” wasn’t there yet. The extensive search for clues at the scene of the crime is not yet complete and will continue for some days.

For information leading to the identification or capture of the offenders, has launched the public Prosecutor’s office in Bochum, is now a reward in the amount of 4,000 Euro.

The “MK Hordel”, which is reached at the phone number 0234 / 909-5036, for instructions. Also every little observation can lead to the elucidation of this brutal crime!

This post is provided by: the police of Bochum/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

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