Overall, was the year in Bremen, but largely peaceful. Many new year’s eve, typical offences, such as brawls, and the improper handling of fireworks employees, bodies of the police officers. At an event in the Richtweg several people to have a 23-Year-old bashed and kicked. A 22-year-old suspect was taken into custody.

Several thousand people celebrated the new year on the streets of Bremen. In particular, in the area of the Weser and the Schlachte bridges, in front of the Goethe theatre, on the sielwall junction and in the area of the Grohner Düne, the people of Bremen gathered to celebrate. Here, numerous new year’s eve, was ignited fireworks. Sometimes in the crowds of people. Against 0.15 a.m. several people fired from below the teerhof address bridge passing by passers-by with pyrotechnics. Was hurt, fortunately no one. Forces were a suspect. He received a criminal complaint for attempted grievous bodily harm.

shortly before 2 p.m., it was reported via the emergency call to the police is a discussion on a new year’s eve ball in the Richtweg. Approximately ten largely unknown, and the men went after a 23-Year-old. They went several times to the Lying on the ground, including his head, so this had to be treated in a hospital. Police officers found a 22-year-old suspects on the spot and arrested him on a provisional basis.

In the course of the night were the officials on the area of the city, around 120 of the so-called “Poland” firecracker “distributed” safe. Multiple criminal charges because of the breach of the explosives act have been made.

From about 0.20 PM, there was significant out-migration trends in the city.

In the run-up to new year’s eve night, police officers were on Sunday, a total of six kiosk controls in the area of the stone gate, to check the sale of pyrotechnics. Here they found numerous violations. The fireworks have been sold partially without permission, not properly stored or employees without the appropriate training sold.

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