The Bremen fire Department was able to extinguish the fire immediately. Quickly, it turned out that the fire was caused by two twelve-and 15-year-old boys.

According to preliminary findings, the young people in the room of a 15-Year-old from commercially available new year’s eve, pyrotechnics, homemade explosive devices have been manufactured. When one of the self-made firecrackers to throw out of the window, sat on the balcony and located a mattress on fire. The Older one came in with minor injuries to hospital for treatment. The Younger and the other residents of the building, nothing happened. In the room of a 15-Year-old many other fireworks, homemade fireworks, as well as miscellaneous tools were still. For the prevention of further offences forces made sure all of the Material. Against the young people will now be detected because of negligent arson and violation of the explosives act. The twelve-year-old was handed over to his guardians.

Due to the fire damage of about 5,000 euros.

due to recent events, the police of Bremen after the new year’s eve once again on the dangers of self-made pyrotechnics. This not only brings yourself and others in danger, but also punishable by law. Please also note that commercially available new year’s eve fireworks is only allowed from the age of 18. A lot of for more information on safe handling see

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