The 20-year-old Victim was walking along on foot, the Helmut-Just-Strasse. She wore headphones, listened to music and kept her cell phone in the right Hand. At the pack station, she met her former 32-year-old German friend. According to previous findings, the 32-Year old suddenly against the right Arm of 20-Year-old, so your phone fell to the ground. The 20-Year-old was in pain, but had to be treated medically. The 32-year-old suspect threatened her, then he took the phone and left the scene in the direction of Woldegker road.

The suspects could not be later found by police officers in the Sponholzer road and provisionally detained. He was taken to the Police headquarters of Neubrandenburg.

Already on the 02.02.2019 it came to a predatory crime to the detriment of the 20-Year-old in your own home. The 02.02.2019 at 20:25 PM the suspect of his Ex-girlfriend violently robbed a Tablet. When the police arrived, the officer was arrested the 32-Year-old on a provisional basis. In the context of the arrest, he resisted law enforcement officers and the police insulted officials massive. after the police action, he was released but again.

The officials of the Criminal police headquarters of Neubrandenburg conducted at the present day, interviews and in the responsible public Prosecutor’s office requesting an arrest warrant suggested. Subsequently, the public Prosecutor’s office in Neubrandenburg has applied to the competent district court of Neubrandenburg warrant. The judges followed the request and adopted this afternoon the arrest warrant. Officials of the police station in Neubrandenburg to spend the 32-Year-old is currently in the JVA Bützow.

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