According to the first findings sailed a 32-year-old Cloppenburger with his car VW Golf the Ahlhorner Straße (B2-13) from the direction of Ahlhorn motorway in the direction Cloppenburg. At the junction of tree lane road, intended for a ride in front of him to turn the end of the 27-Year-old from Emstek, as well as your passengers with your car VW in this to the left. The driver of the passenger car VW Golf realized this too late, and drove to the rear of the car. This was then hurled by the force of the impact on the oncoming lane. A from the direction of Cloppenburg upcoming cars Skoda a 58-year-old cloppen citizen, with a total of three persons occupied, unable to avoid it and collected the car from the side. In the case of the traffic accident, the officials noted that the 32-year-old from Cloppenburg was under the influence of alcohol. A breath alcohol test gave a value of 1.86 ppm. A blood sampling was carried out. It is a property damage in the amount of about 12,000 euros. A large contingent of forces of the rescue service and the volunteer fire Department in Emstek, Germany, and Ahlhorn were used. The B213 was locked up at 19:40.

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police station Cloppenburg / Vechta/news aktuell


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