reported How the “West German General newspaper”, had initiated the police the procedure, because the Commissioner candidates to the officials, have questioned the legality of the action. Have justified the 19-Year-old this with the statement that he himself was a policeman. Because the young people have broken free in the information that he had been temporarily taken into custody.

“the method could be dismissed

” The police had stopped the car in which the 19-Year-old was with a group of young people on the go, in the Wake of a police RAID on a Lebanese Clan in Essen As the newspaper reported, the police concluded at the time that the students listen to a Lebanese-Clan. But a police spokeswoman said the “WAZ”: “We have initiated a trial that could end with the dismissal of the student.” The process was open-ended as it is.

large-scale RAID in NRW

During the RAID on 12. January, about 1300 police officers in Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, Recklinghausen and Bochum, according to the newspaper. A total of more than 1500 people and over 100 Shisha-Bars, betting offices, amusement arcades and Nightclubs to be controlled, such as the “WAZ”, referring to the NRW interior Ministry reported. A total of 29 investigations, among others for violations of the weapons and explosives act – had been taken.

Spurred on by the basic pension? The SPD and the greens are suddenly on par FOCUS Online/Wochit Inspired by the basic pension? The SPD and the greens are suddenly on a par vw


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