“regrets The ZDF, that the kraków district court gave the freedom of art, no sufficient consideration,” said the station of the German on request. “As soon as the judgment is in writing, will examine the ZDF, the justification and right of appeal against the decision to an appeal.” According to the news Agency PAP, the court had condemned the creators of the miniseries, the production company UFA Fiction, ZDF German television, to compensation and an apology. The decision is not yet final.

In dispute is the representation of the Polish home army. A Polish war veteran, had filed the lawsuit. Critics are of the view that “Our mothers, our fathers” contains scenes of Poland’s home army would be complicity in the crimes against the Jewish people. The ZDF have already responded in 2013 to the criticism, it was said in the opinion of the Mainz transmitter. You have declared, “that the representation of fictional Polish figures should not in any way historical facts, or even the responsibility of the German perspective”. In the book the development of the historical more divider well-known professional historians were involved.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Against increase: Lindner calls for a transmitter more efficiently pk/dpa


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