you plan to do with the Porsche Cayman GT4 rally, the return of the rally Sport. On the other hand, they are routes in the LMP1 endurance world championship got out and get involved in formula E. How does this fit together?

Porsche, Porsche Cayman GT4 rally: return to the rally-planned Sport.

Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser: We are entered in the formula E. This is another racing sport that fits well to the mobility of the future. We also want to here, as in the past, the Motorsport as a laboratory for the series, just because the formula E has the focus electric machine and Software. In addition, we speak with the series a clientele that we have not achieved so far. The rally’s commitment in the direction of the customer sports. In addition, rally is very popular. In Germany alone there are around 1200 rally cars. And in other countries, we are Fans, we can’t reach with the track vehicles.

Porsche, Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser (Designated series Director of the Porsche 911)

How is it looking with the relevance for the Series of the rally’s commitment?

We have deliberately decided for the Cayman, because it fits well into the regulations. In Motorsport it is often so that you know at the beginning, what is the impact of the commitment on the development of the cars, which are produced in large quantities. Most of the time we come to new ideas and concepts that will find quickly the way in the series. We have at Porsche, the corresponding structures. For us, the development for Motorsport and road vehicles in one place. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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An E-Motor, the requirements for a sporty car could not meet so far

to apply to the formula E?

In formula E, we can define ourselves through the electric motor, and especially the Software. Just the E-Motor, there are differences in the control and interpretation. In addition, an E-Motor does not previously had to comply with the requirements, which are in a sporty car is important.

Porsche by the end of 2019, a rise of Porsche in the formula E.

What are the?

it’s all about weight and efficiency and, above all, that the power is constantly available, so that the duration of the performance is as close as possible to the peak of performance in it. Of course, the cooling is an important issue. Also important are Details, such as the windings of the coils and manufacturing techniques. In the case of the coils, these are cuts, for example, Sheet metal. How to I cut which, from what materials you do not need to exist, so I don’t lose the electro-magnetic properties.

Also, the Software defines the performance of a car

How is the look exactly?

The energy management will be the series production electric car is crucial. The battery sizes a commute of between 70 and 100 kilowatt-hours. So it will be a matter of how efficiently you can deal with the energy, as you are recuperating and how the driving behavior and the response behaviors remain constant. It is not only the Hardware, but the Software and the composite of the mechatronic system, which defines the efficiency of a car. This also includes the battery management. How can I optimize the power output capability of the battery over the temperature and how do I minimize losses in my pulse-controlled inverter? To the question, I like the noise avoid, the power of an electric car is not to be underestimated: Because, as quietly as you think it is, there is. The are many questions that must be answered by the engineers. As we can learn from the formula E a lot.


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