show The high level of participation within barely two months ago that citizens wanted a change in the area of the local taxes, said Péter Vida, member of the Landtag of the BVB/Free voters. “Any rotten compromise with the state government, we will not accept,” he said. Will insisted on the implementation of a popular initiative and referendum. “Especially in times of record tax revenues, it is not tough to grab the citizens to the street in addition to expansion in the pocket,” said Ingo Senftleben, Chairman of the CDU group in the Landtag. The high number of signatures was a strong proof of the dwindling acceptance of the contributions. The red-red state government of the SPD and the left party had to abandon their Blockade of the abolition. Before the election, you should connect the CDU-law amendment in the Parliament. It was not an Option, the other stages of the protracted people’s legislative procedure, said Senftleben. The hanging game lead in fact to an investment stop.

From the point of view of the government would lead to the abolition of income losses and risks for the local budgets.



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