in Mainz arrested man is the according to police reports, a 26-year-old Syrians. He had no residence in Germany and was not in this country entered even by the police in appearance, it says in a statement.

The man had been encountered in the afternoon in an apartment in Mainz, which was then searched. The Mainz police, according to the officials acted on a request for legal assistance from the Netherlands. The Koblenz higher regional court and the General Prosecutor’s office in Koblenz had to decide whether the Syrians will be delivered in the Netherlands.

In a press release from the Rhineland-Palatinate interior Minister Roger Lewentz, the state police and their special forces are thanked for their dedication. The arrest have shown that the cooperation with the Dutch police has to work across countries and the Rhineland-Palatinate police is prepared for such operations well,” said Lewentz.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit London, concerned about the increase in the number of boat refugees on the English channel, nuclear/jr


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