The Red Bull Team has presented on Wednesday morning in Silverstone its new formula 1 car for the season 2019. The RB15 means for the Austro-British team in this respect, a tide turning, as it is the first Red Bull Chassis with a Honda engine – and the first without long-time Partner of Renault since 2006 (at that time, Ferrari).

striking, especially the new livery, which contains much more red light components. Also the bull on the engine cover comes in a stylized, therefore, as in the case of the predecessors – however, it should only be a transitional paint job.

afraid that it could happen to Red Bull as the previous Honda to Partner McLaren, motor sport consultant Helmut Marko: “We have in Milton Keynes a real euphoria. A spirit of optimism,” he said before Christmas, in an Interview with ‘’.

The Honda engine is one of the main reasons for this euphoria. “We have been Qualifying good, and like 70 HP. Depending on the circuit there is less of it. But on average, we were always 40 HP back,” says Marko about the former Partner, Renault.

Marko sure Honda is better than Renault

The family wants to have over the Winter 45 (Qualifying) or 25 HP (race trim), but Marko believes nonetheless: “The Honda engine is something is currently the Renault engine. The Figures that come, make us really optimistic. Also in terms of the increase in performance. For the first time, we can also celebrate with a ‘Party-Mode’!”

While Daniel Ricciardo admits that the uncertainty in relation to Honda was one of the many reasons for his move to Renault, is looking forward to Max verse for the first ride with the new drivetrain, contrary to fall: “I’m curious how it goes up and Down, how the drivability is, how much Power we have.”

Verstappen at the same time optimistic and realistic

Verstappen has won in 2018, two Grands Prix, as the emotional Highlight of the home Grand Prix of Red Bull in Austria. With Honda build, the goal is: “We expect a lot to us,” says the 21-Year-old. “We are good things, but it will take a bit. It is certainly not so that from the first race and everything is perfectly run.”

“be sure to come in moments where we, as a Team error, in which it is not, as we imagine it,” says Verstappen. “But the most important is that the Team and Honda to push together the development. At the Moment I am very optimistic but also very realistic. The Rest will show up.”

in addition to Verstappen 2019 travels with Pierre Gasly to a Red Bull Junior in the Team. The 23-Year-old was 2018 world Cup-15. and took on Toro Rosso 29 points and put in the stable duel against Brendon Hartley (four points). His goal for the upcoming season will be to compete next to Verstappen.

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