Stuttgart, switches the first study of its Diesel-driving ban sharp: Diesel emission standard 4 and older are not allowed to drive in the environmental zone. For residents of a transitional period of until 1. April. There are exceptions, such as for craftsmen. It is unclear yet as to when the second stage is ignited – bans-for Euro 5 Diesel. The aim of the measure in compliance with EU nitrogen oxide limits at the measuring stations close to traffic.

Until the end of January without fine

The city and the police plan in Stuttgart only once, no targeted controls. At least until the end of January it should be in case of violations, only warnings, if they notice for example in the usual Parking space monitoring or traffic control. Later, a fine of 80 Euro plus fees and expenses then due and payable. Stuttgart imposed significantly higher fines than, say, Hamburg, where in the case of illegal car 20 Euro will be charged.

the current restrictions are affected, according to a city spokesperson, a total of 72,000 cars in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. Later, further driving could be added to prohibitions for Diesel the Euro 5 standard – this will make the government of the effect of a clean air package. The Euro 5-the ban would increase the number of affected residents and, especially, the commuters. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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Association of cities want to turn the “Traffic”

The German Association of cities warns with a view to further the threat of driving bans in other cities, in front of a traffic gridlock and calls for additional billions from the Federal government. “2019 must be turning a year of Transport, the transport policy is much more future-oriented and sustainable mobility oriented,” said chief Executive Helmut Dedy, the German press Agency. “There must be, above all, more attractive offers from the car to the track, on public TRANSPORT and Bicycle. Without traffic, we will experience a turnaround soon in Parts of our country in a gridlock,” said Dedy.

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the Federal government and the countries would have to in the new year, an overall concept for “sustainable mobility”. “We are already running the shift in Traffic in the cities and want to bring our expertise into the overall concept,” said Dedy. “However, we also expect that the Federal government and the States over previous programs, in addition to funds in the billions, for example, for investment in public TRANSPORT and transport infrastructure as a whole.” For cities and municipalities, it is quite lucrative, if you have stations with limit value Exceedances: you can then retrieve a large volume of funds, the uses to which they largely decide themselves.

armed to the Diesel retrofit

in addition, would have to be continued the efforts for clean air in the cities, said Dedy. “It must be possible to protect the health of the people and to keep the cities of mobile.” Driving bans are also expected to remain in 2019 to only the last resort, if not in other ways, the limits to be respected.

courts have arranged for several cities, driving bans for older Diesel, such as for Berlin, Cologne, Essen, and Frankfurt. Here the values are for nitrogen dioxide at several measuring stations in excess of the prescribed limit. Many of the judgments are not yet final. Elsewhere, such as in Hamburg, the affected individual streets. private Green’s stick: oxide-measurement station on Hardenbergplatz in Berlin. An environmental law expert assumes that the stations were incorrectly placed and therefore high values

environmental-law expert: cities would have to appeal,. to do but not

“We have to expect in other cities with bans, the courts,” said Dedy Currently revised by the countries, in coordination with the cities a series of clean air plans. The measures from the “immediate action program clean air” and the coalition’s decisions would be included to a package of measures. This retrofit looks for tradesmen and delivery vehicles. In January, a programme starts here. However, it is likely to take months, to in particularly polluted cities in the modifications planned for Cars can start. “There’s a lot of valuable time is lost, in the car manufacturer for the avoidance of driving bans would have been able to work,” said Dedy. Whether this retrofit will have actually the desired effect, is meanwhile controversial – for vehicle owners, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, when viewed objectively , especially since not all vehicles are retrofit Kits available, and most of the car manufacturers not at all take part in.

the fact is, meanwhile, also, the could defend themselves, many cities, quite against the driving ban – which most do not do this, however. For example, the city of Berlin laid in the first place no objection against the prohibition of judgment. Compared to FOCUS Online the the environment, said law expert Claus-Peter Martens, that the city must insert would have an objection, because the judgment is significant mistakes . Berlin has been announced as the first city to want also brand-new Diesel, the Euro 6 exhaust standard will be shut out. Of a comprehensive prohibition for Euro-6 in-ceiling-Diesel would be affected, according to the city of more than 300,000 diesel cars. At the latest, so that the discussion of Diesel would be retrofitting obsolete, for converted Diesel vehicles would also fall under the ban. This contradiction seem to have a lot of municipalities that use strong case for Diesel retrofits for cars, not detected.

Frankfurt is fighting, so far successfully

In Frankfurt am Main there will be meanwhile, until the final judicial clarification of the Diesel-driving bans. The Lobby Organisation of the German environmental aid (DUH) here want to by the application for a temporary injunction to enforce the prohibitions in spite of the ongoing legal dispute for the 1. February 2019, the attack failed. At the same time, the Hessian administrative court allowed the appeal of the state of Hesse against the judgment of the administrative court of Wiesbaden, because of “serious doubts as to its accuracy”. The DUH is convinced that in the end still driving bans to be imposed.

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The example of Hamburg shows, meanwhile, that the driving ban worked not as desired – although, the older Diesel are prohibited on some streets since may. To reduce instead of the to the stations the measured values, but the opposite: To November, some of the values actually increased. Therefore, there are in Hamburg now claims to tighten either the Diesel-prohibitions, for example by extending the prohibition of zones, or abolish and reduce other measures to car traffic altogether. For example, the “Left challenged” in Hamburg, the increased use of electric buses of the Hamburger hochbahn invested already strong – as well as a Transit ban for trucks.

With Material from dpa Diesel prohibition of Stuttgart


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