wide-legged and stocky, like a wrestler, a silver metal plug in the left eyebrow, Mohawk and a dark full beard: he Who sees Marco plug-in at the train station in Amberg, you can hardly imagine that someone wanted to invest with him. Certainly not for no reason, out of the blue. But that’s exactly what happened. Saturday evening, at the Amberg train station, platform 2, against 18.45.

The 29-Year-old touched the wall corner to the right of the entrance to the station hall with his hands, where he had to smoke with two buddies on a Saturday night for a cigarette. “In the station hall, four types, which have looked to us. Suddenly the Largest of them came out and kicked for no reason a 13-year-old boy, standing next to me, with one foot in the belly. Just like that. I was really totally stunned.“

“Marco, come on, they’re totally stoned and aggressive,”

Marco plug-in, landscape the garden, farmer and occasional security man, is shocked. But he quickly composes herself, and then you want the young Aggressor, confront him, what should this senseless attack against a little boy who knew him, apparently. “My friends have advised me not but. ‘Marco, come on,’ she said, ‘are totally fucked up and much too aggressive’.” Ulf Lüdeke /FOCUS Online Wanted to rush a 13-Year-old and was beaten himself: Marco plug-in.

the plug-in will listen to you, pull yourself together. The attacker was the same, ran after the Kick to the boys back in the station hall. “Then I saw, like the others, the beater of them wanted to stop, to get out. About two minutes after the lousy Kick to the little boy, he is suddenly in front of me. And hits me with full force a Hand in the face.“ As the attacker fled with three other cronies and Marco plug-in in front of pain in the right ear keeps calling he and his friends the police.

Brutal prelude to a frenzied beating tour

you are not the only ones. Because the Quartet is spotted in the next two hours at several other places between the station and the old town. The scene with Marco the plug-in is the beginning of a wild thrashing tour of four young asylum seekers from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan, which are now sitting in various prisons in pre-trial detention.

to have The young men is accused, on Saturday evening, a dozen passers-by without reason, attacked and beaten. The 17 – to 19-Year-old to be drunk and live in the surrounding cities. The Prosecutor’s office determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

luckily, is not happening

Marcel was sitting just around the corner in a pub, as the young asylum seekers, attacks his friend Marco. “He sent us a message that there’s Trouble at the train station with us you are in need of help, but I read, unfortunately, too late.”

The soldier stands with his girlfriend in front of the draughty station entrance, he met there with his buddy Walter and his girlfriend. Marcel is shocked by the events. “Fortunately, all that’s happened. What amazes me, is that the police caught the group only after two hours. Here was a lot of police on the road, all full with cars.“ At the end, were injured, according to police, a total of twelve people, a young man was taken to a hospital.

“Groundless whipping – this is a cheeseball”

The soldier Marcel can “understand” that young asylum seekers are likely to not work until you are recognized as asylum seekers in his own time, “frustration” and “rumpöbeln”, the pass also Local. “But the fact that you take completely for no reason just to any people, that’s quite a Hammer.”

Walter agrees, nodding, his Arm under pounded girlfriend a little tighter and adds: “Clearly, the people look at the moment in Amberg, more precisely, when there are Strangers around here, especially the girls.” Ulf Lüdeke /FOCUS Online At the station Amberg spanking-Orgy of asylum seekers.

But that was not the point. “What I don’t get it, why these guys, who have fled in their homeland before the war, have to put it on here so, although they have fled from violence in their own country. Gratuitous spanking, it’s really stupid. Who is a guest and not a right and laws holds, which also apply to Native, the, I think, must leave our country.“

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit/News5 man pedestrian moves deliberately – police suspect xenophobia as a motive Amberg


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