was Really easy to Force India in the formula 1 never – at least in financial terms. The Team of Vijay Mallya sponge never in the money. Even more remarkable are the successes that could enter the force in the past few years, with a significantly lower Budget than many other Teams. 2019 is the Name of Force India disappears from the formula 1 – the Team, however, remains.

And so the presentation of the Racing Point, as the Team is now expected on Wednesday with great excitement. “The long-term goal is to bring this Team to the top of the sport,” says team Manager Otmar Szafnauer, in the context of the presentation and adds: “in the Short and in the medium term, we must call for the three top teams, and our Position as a podium candidate to consolidate.”

There are ambitious goals, one of which is also Szafnauer know that you will not “overnight”. But it is also clear that the financial conditions are better now than in years past. At the presentation, you could not think of a new title sponsor, also to the new owners to Lance Strolls father Lawrence there is a lack of capital.

Nevertheless, Szafnauer warns: “The competition in the midfield is very large. There is Renault, which spend a bunch of money and twice as many employees as we have. McLaren should not be there where you are. You will also be strong again. Williams should not be where they are. Haas has shown that they can do the Job with a little help from Ferrari. It is hard.”

place in the world Cup firmly in his sights

the new owners of the team be aware of the fact that there is a need for time to be able to in the front of the muscle – which is not to say, however, that Racing Point want to bake 2019 little bun. “All of these people, the us [2017] helped to be Fourth [in the championship], are still there. And now we have a little more resources,” says Szafnauer, the Best of the Rest “would be in 2019 again” behind the three top teams.

2019 for the Team is important to make a “good step forward”. And as regards the individual results, if you wanted to return again this year on the Podium. The last place on the podium by Sergio Perez for the Force India Team for 2018 caught up in Baku as a third party. And the Mexicans that were in the past often high goals, dreams 2019 even more.

“I would be satisfied if we at least Fourth in the constructors’ championship – that is the minimum goal,” Perez during the presentation of the RP19 attack funny. “But it is also very ambitious, considering the opponent in the midfield, there is. It has great Teams, great manufacturer. It will not be easy, but this Team has done in the past,” says Perez.

“Why not also the first victory?”

In the case of the individual results of the 29-Year-old even added an extra mile and declared: “I would be satisfied if we can make it also, a couple of times on the Podium. And why should it not work out with the first win?” His new team-mate is not talking of Victories, but Lance Stroll, declares confidently: “We want to make it back on the Podium again!”

“I’m ready to help the Team. We have a great squad that is struggling already for some time on their actual conditions, and now the Team is healthier than ever”, he shows himself to be optimistic. In order to achieve the objectives, also, has Stroller used the Winter to his new Team settle in. “I’ve also spent a lot of time in the factory, the engineers worked, and the Team is better met,” he reveals.

It was “important”, even before the first Test of a good relationship with his new Team, and then in Barcelona from the beginning to go full throttle. Stroller self-stand in his formula 1 career so far only once on the podium in 2017, for Williams, as a third party in Baku. In 2018, he managed the unsuccessful FW41 only twice in the points. In 2019 it will go with the new Team and also for him personally is on the up again.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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