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Winter is coming with all the Power to Germany – in 12 circles still red alert

20.34 clock: The severe weather warning for large areas in the South of Bavaria, also on Friday evening. For counties in the South of Bavaria, the red alert is, in many circles in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg a “warning prior to striking the weather is at least”.

For some regions of the alert level to Red

is Affected by the alert level to Red, the following counties and cities:

  • circle Lindau
  • the circle of the upper allgäu
  • circle under the allgäu
  • circle of Ostallgäu
  • circle of Landsberg am Lech
  • circle Weilheim-Schongau
  • the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Kreis Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
  • Kreis Miesbach
  • Circle Rosenheim
  • circle of Traunstein
  • Kreis Berchtesgadener Land

the German weather service/Screenshot of the map with The severe weather warnings for Germany. (Stand: 20:23 PM)

Additional messages in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online:

woman crashes into semi – serious injury

20.20 PM: A 41-Year-old suffered according to the police serious injuries in an accident near Kirchham (district of Passau). A 30-year-old man was caught with his semi-trailer into a Spin and into the oncoming lane. The woman crashed her car against the cross standing on a trailer, and was thrown with your car off the road and in the wreck jammed. In pottmes, in the district of Aichach-Friedberg is a 40 got-Year-old with his car on the smooth road surface into a Skid, so that the car overturned. The driver and a seven year old girl came in with lacerations and bruises in a hospital.

“a Lot of warns underestimate the risk”: a mountain rescue winter sports

13.04 PM: With a view on the expected continued fall of snow in Bayern’s Wake up the mountain and of the German Alpine club for Ski or Hiking tours in unsafe areas warned. The forces of the mountain-a willingness to not Wake up in alarm, expecting but with more rescue operations.

“If the avalanche danger in the case of four or five on the scale, much less people on the go,” said David Pichler of the mountain rescue service Chiemgau on Friday. Similarly, Thomas Bucher, the German Alpine Association: “The most fatal avalanche accidents occur at danger level three, because many of them underestimate the risk.”

According to Bucher will increase the avalanche danger in the next few days. That’s why you should check prior to scheduled tours of the avalanche situation report to the warning centre. On the piste but no one should have to fear.

Massive snowfall in Austria: the Federal army requested cut off places from the outside world

11.22 PM: In the province of Styria in Austria, the authorities have on Friday due to a massive snowstorm, the support of the Federal army cases required – to retain, in particular, the avalanche situation in view. The weather is reported”.at”. In the room Ennstal, reconnaissance flights are planned, and possibly Avalanche chipping would be carried out, if necessary.

In Austria it is snowing currently solid, the climax is expected in the night from Saturday to Sunday. In places, up to 80 centimeters of snow per day. the dpa

learn More: places to visit from the outside world cut off – Massive snowfall in Austria: the country challenge the Federal army to

In the Weather Channel winter roads mirror power smooth The North consists of smoothing the risk, in the South, snow-roller rolling

09.58 PM: In the case of smoothness have been killed in an accident in the night on Friday in the Hessian district of Offenbach, seven people with their cars and hurt. Two of them suffered serious injuries, the police announced. Thus, a 57-Year-old was caught late in the evening on the Federal highway 45 into a Skid. She grazed because of a breakdown on the hard shoulder and the car with two young men in it, and came up in a ditch.

As the men got out to help her and her passenger, were you covered by the car of a 22-Year-old, who also got into the Slides. Your car in which a young woman was sitting, crashed into the car in the ditch. Hard the 57-Year-old and one of the two young accident helper (22) were injured. The other four people suffered minor injuries. All were in the hospital. Probably also due to the smoothness of a Truck came in the night on a nearby country road into a Skid and collided with another car. The car driver was slightly injured and treated on an outpatient basis. Both accidents were blocked for the duration of the accident. dpa Hessen, Rodgau: Two vehicles are at the edge of the B45 in Rodgau.

Friday, 08.05 PM: drivers in Berlin and Brandenburg need to set on Friday morning, some on smooth roads. From the Fläming to the Lausitz, it will be up to the lunch cold and snow. It can also lead to freezing drizzle. In the afternoon it’s going to rain then amplified. The temperatures are between two and six degrees. The Wind blows to weak from the West.

On the weekend, is expected in the regions of the Alps and in the southern highlands is a lot of snow. Due to the announced heavy snowfall for the weekend traffic chaos threatens railway passengers in the state. “Display 14,38 Euro: Now the snow chains on Amazon Paul Zinken/dpa

track order warns of Winter-Chaos in Bayern

as of Friday evening in Bavaria disturbances in the train traffic due to the onset of winter is possible,” warned Deutsche Bahn in advance to View at the train stations for example in Munich.

“Please inform yourself in advance.” Online, the company announced a whole range of potentially affected routes and promised: “We will inform you constantly.” Passengers should be at the beginning, therefore, before the trip about your connection to about the App DB Navigator, or in the case of the paid telephone travel information at 0180 6996633 inquire whether their trains.

According to information from the German weather service’s weather falls on the weekend in the Congestion of the Alps about half a metre of snow in the adjacent foothills of the Alps and in higher elevations, forecasters expect about 20 to 40 centimeters of new snow.

“the rule of right, the Snow will certainly lead to disabilities in the road and rail traffic,” said DWD meteorologist. Also, the higher altitudes of the black forest, the Alb and the Bavarian forest are present, according to Leyser to Sunday are covered in deep snow. In the South and East, it can lead to a light Frost between 0 and -3 degrees, otherwise low values between 4 and 0 degrees are expected.

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In the FOCUS Online is A phenomenon that brings us, in January the extremely cold winter of lau/dpa Thunderstorm rain heavy rain storm, traffic accident, weather temperatures


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