Daniel Ricciardo will go into the formula 1 season of 2019 for Renault at the Start. The Australian, who has completed five seasons for Red Bull, decided in the year 2018 to return the team back to the French factory team. His successor, Pierre Gasly, coming up from Toro Rosso to the main team. Actually, Red Bull wanted to keep Ricciardo.

“We have tried everything humanly possible,” says team boss Christian Horner to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “He has then taken place, but the classic separation. He said that it would not lie to us but to him.” According to the British 29-Year-old was in search of a new challenge, he has found in the case of Renault.

The development of Max Verstappen could also have played an important role. Ricciardo’ve seen how the value of the Dutchman was always increased. In Mexico it has managed to Ricciardo for Monaco for the first time, to land in Qualifying, ahead of Verstappen. “It’s certainly been a factor,” said Horner.

In the season of 2019 will also be with Honda for a new engine supplier for Red Bull. Also, this question mark has strengthened Ricciardo in the decision to leave the Team, so Horner. With Renault, the Australian experienced a difficult year 2018, because he had to start court met, because parts had to be changed. “But Max has had exactly one year ago just such a bad luck,” explains Horner.

“of Course, everyone always has a Plan B,” said the team boss. “We recognized early on that he was serious and that he has set. The decision was made to Gasly and for us, this was a simple solution.” The 22-year-old Frenchman has completed in 2018, its first full season in the Premier class for Toro Rosso. His best result of fourth place at the Grand Prix of China.

This article was written by Adam Cooper, Co-author: Andre Wiegold

*The post “Red Bull Have done everything to keep Ricciardo” comes from Motorsport-Total.com. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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