The Red Bull team was always known to leave their drivers on the long leash to run, as long as your sporting achievements votes. This is a Credo that has changed in the past 14 years. “We are generally very liberal. Our juniors do not even come close to a press of coaches,” says Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko to ‘’. He wants to type in the formula 1: “as Long as you can eat with a knife and fork, that fits.”

With the private restraint, Sebastian Vettel and Charmer Daniel Ricciardo, the project has produced already easy-care pilots. Also Red Bull newcomer Pierre Gasly, Toro Rosso, returning to Daniil Kwjat and the recently migrated Carlos Sainz are considered to be cautious. It is different with Max Verstappen who takes to the press, no sheet before the mouth.

Marko is a big mouth, but okay: “The young riders to develop their personality more, if you have one, and later once according to represent,” he says.

Kimi Räikkönens performance at the FIA Gala, as the Finn swayed in visibly intoxicated on stage, not Marko so bad: “Everyone knows that he likes to go to the graduation ceremony. He wobbled a bit, but it was nothing Serious,” he says.

This article was written by Dominik Sharaf, Co-author: Christian Nimmervoll

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